How To Be A Happy Mom

I was talking with one of my girlfriends yesterday, and she told me that most of her friends use antidepressant or anxiety medications.  I was amazed to hear that one of her friends uses both Cymbalta and Adderall, and is trying to discontinue using her Cymbalta.  Yikes.  We all know someone who uses this type of medication, but how many people really understand how these work and what we can do on our own to create similar changes in mood related neurotransmitters?

First, what are neurotransmitters?  Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers, and neurotransmission is the messaging process.  Think of a light switch with a dimmer.  With me?  Neurotransmission is to neurotransmitters what the light switch is to the dimmer on that light.  In other words, increasing your amount of neurotransmitter turns the dimmer up and brightens the room. Running dry on neurotransmitter levels is like sitting in a dim room.  Got it?

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