The Real Story on Chocolate and Depression

A new study has linked chocolate with depression once again.  The article merely tells us what our intuition already knew, and the fact that chocolate makes us feel better at some point in our lives isn’t exactly news.  But how does chocolate make us feel better?  Why?  What’s the reason we tend to crave chocolate more during PMS?  The article was so unbelievably incomplete that I felt compelled to provide additional information.

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How You Can Live Longer

I love it when a “new study” repackages and republishes old information.  This just in:  four behaviors are correlated with longevity.  The behaviors studied happen to be physical exercise, nutrition, alcohol use, and tobacco use.

This is old news.  There’s such a stockpile of research on the topic already that we now know that 85% of our longevity is tied to our lifestyle behaviors.  Your choices usually determine whether or not you’ll live to see your great grandchildren, not necessarily your genes.  The operate word here is choices. Continue reading “How You Can Live Longer” »

“Brazil Health Minister Urges More Sex”

This is good.  Apparently, Brazil’s Health Minister is urging citizens of Brazil to have more sex these days.  At least, that’s what the report headlines might lead you to believe….but it worked, didn’t it?  Brazil’s Health Minister didn’t exactly urge Brazilians to have more sex as much as he recommended more cardiovascular exercise to reduce hypertension, naming sex as a type of aerobic exercise. Continue reading ““Brazil Health Minister Urges More Sex”” »

Soy Is Spelled B-A-D

Do you believe that soy is a health food?  Do you often buy products like soy milk, soy based “meatless” products, or protein bars packed with soy?  Guilty as charged over here.  I was mortified to learn that soy is not a health food, particularly since my refrigerator was packed with many soy based items at the time.  My daughter is sensitive to dairy, and I had considered soy milk a better alternative.  Needless to say, I’ve gutted my pantry and refrigerator and replaced the soy. Continue reading “Soy Is Spelled B-A-D” »

Stress Relief for Small Children

Can you imagine how hard it would be to deal with emotional stress as a young child?  We often forget that kids need stress relief, too.  Now there is a new technique which allows small children to help themselves feel better.  The Shift and Shine Technique, a technique created by the brilliant researchers at the Institute of Heart Math, is a cutting edge approach to coping effectively with stress, improving immune system functioning, emotional balance, cognitive awareness, discernment, and energy levels.  Think about it-most adults don’t really know how to do this very well. Continue reading “Stress Relief for Small Children” »

How to Reduce Stress With Plants

Did you know that indoor plants can be beneficial to your health? Some plants can help purify your air by removing toxic chemicals, reduce your chances of getting sick, improve your recovery time, and even improve energy levels. Plants may also reduce symptoms associated with asthma, allergies, and fatigue. Continue reading “How to Reduce Stress With Plants” »

The Two Best IQ Boosters for Kids

New research is showing us fascinating information about the brain.  We are now learning that we can form new brain cells at nearly any age with physical exercise, and that there are two activities that can significantly boost learning capacity by spawning new brain cells:  exercise and music.    Continue reading “The Two Best IQ Boosters for Kids” »

Antidepressants vs. Exercise

Are you taking an antidepressant?  How about a medication for anxiety like Xanax or Klonipin?  These days, antidepressants are handed out like M&Ms, and most mothers seem to be taking something-prescribed or not.  Most of the time, antidepressants are prescribed by a general physician, internist, or OBGYN.  Sadly, few of these physicians have been trained to assess and diagnose anxiety and mood related problems at all.   Continue reading “Antidepressants vs. Exercise” »

How To Be Smart, Thin, Joyful, Focused, Energetic, and Motivated

If I could give you a magic pill that would make you smart, thin, happier, focused, motivated, energetic, and optimistic, would you accept my gift?  If it were free, would you say yes quickly?  If it worked day by day, would you turn me down?  That magic pill does exist, and it’s free without side effects. Continue reading “How To Be Smart, Thin, Joyful, Focused, Energetic, and Motivated” »

Panic Attack, Hyperthyroid, or Hormonal Imbalance?

Most moms I know are a little anxious…..if they’re unmedicated, at least.  If you’ve been experiencing more anxiety than usual, panic attacks, or you’re constantly feeling “on edge,” there could be plenty of reasons for this.  Before you jump to the doctor for a quick Xanax prescription, be sure you’ve identified the real problem.Stress, Hypothyroidism, and Hormonal Imbalance:  Which One Is it?

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