Ruby the Hyper-Hypo

One of our dogs seems to have developed a bit of a weight problem.  Ruby, our 6 year old goldendoodle, was supposed to be “around 40 pounds” as an adult, or so the breeders said.  She tipped the scales at 77 pounds at Christmas and seemed to be getting bigger, despite the fact that I began running her.  Apparently, it didn’t work.  Last week in our back yard, my neighbor took one look at her and said, “My gosh, you’re a MOOSE!”

….and I looked at her and it hit me that RUBY IS AS BIG AS A MOOSE.  In fact, it struck me that she looked STUNNINGLY SIMILAR TO ONE OF THE SHEEP AT BROOKGREEN GARDENS…..specifically, the one named Big Mama.  And I said, “Ruby, you’ve really gotten big, girl, you look just like Big Mama at Brookgreen Gardens.”  And THANK GOODNESS my neighbor works at Brookgreen Gardens and knows who Big Mama is.

So yes, I took her to the vet, and I wondered if I should take Ruby’s papers with me just in case someone thought I kidnapped Big Mama.  Ruby weighed in at 91 POUNDS, and we learned that she had a VERY low thyroid!!!   I would also like to take this opportunity to say that I did not deserve the hairy eyeball from the vet tech, who grilled me on Ruby’s food intake.  “Does she eat dog food only?  like how many cups?  how many ounces in the cups?”  And I was all, “OH, only about 10 ounces of dry food, we don’t feed her people food,” and I DO NOT FIB ABOUT WHAT MY DOG EATS, LADY.  

No wonder Ruby turned into a goldendoodlesheep dog.  Tell me that Ruby doesn’t bear an uncanny similarity to Big Mama:

Dog or Sheep?


She totally does.  Which leads me to tell you that if you happen to be on an antidepressant medication or suffer from depression, make sure you get your thyroid tested before assuming that you have a problem with depression.  Make sure you get a comprehensive thyroid panel because you need more than just your TSH levels tested.  Make sure to get your TSH, T3, T4, Reverse T3, and thyroid antibodies tested as well.  There are lots of people walking around taking Prozac or Zoloft or whatever who have a hypothyroid.  You don’t want to turn into a sheep, do you?

Ruby starts her medication today, and I think I’ll put her on a Body for Life Challenge starting today, May 4th.  Bill Phillips would be proud.  I’ll post monthly pictures here so that you can see her progress.

That’s all for now, kids.  I’m off for a quick run, and maybe we’ll go see Big Mama this afternoon for fun.  Ta-ta for now…