Ruby Update

You may remember Ruby, our overweight Goldendoodle.  I wrote this post about her slight weight problem and hypothyroid about 8 weeks ago.

Since then, Ruby lost about 15+ pounds and looks quite svelte.  To complete her transition, we shaved her to compliment the new look (and help her stay cool this summer). Continue reading “Ruby Update” »

Biden Cursing, Narcissism Booming

For those of you who haven’t already heard, Senator Biden was recently taped cursing at a custard shop owner.  I was going to have some fun with this clip, but I felt so sorry for the Custard Guy when I viewed this that I’m now writing about the importance of empathy.

If you watch this clip closely, you’ll notice how excited the business owner is about Senator Biden’s visit.  This is a milestone moment for him, something that he’ll tell his children and grandchildren about one day.  He is delighted to serve Biden his custard, and rightly so-how many of us can say that the VP has visited our business? Continue reading “Biden Cursing, Narcissism Booming” »

How to Help Acid Reflux in Kids

I find our pediatrician about as useful as Walter Cronkite.  Whenever my child gets sick, I simply dread visiting the pediatrician because 1) I know that I will sit in the germ infested waiting area for hours and 2) the advice is unhelpful and 3) the pediatrician seems unaware of all of this.  I quit going there altogether this year, and we see our family internist instead.  Continue reading “How to Help Acid Reflux in Kids” »

Racism, Moms, and Politics

SC GOP primaries results are in:  Haley wins the Republican nomination, hands down.  This is an exciting improvement over current Governor Sanford, particularly because she’s 1)female 2) a mom 3) smart and attractive.  With this in mind, check out the first sentence of the following article published this morning on Continue reading “Racism, Moms, and Politics” »

Music, Mood, and Health

Do you ever hear a song that just “does it” for you?  Music can be incredibly therapeutic and is one of many behaviors we can use to stay happy and healthy.

Music with a regular beat can increase serotonin, the neurotransmitter (serotonin) associated with mood, sleep, satiety, and feelings of safety.  Remember that serotonin is usually the neurotransmitter targeted by antidepressants. Continue reading “Music, Mood, and Health” »

For My Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads this weekend.  I’d also like to wish those of you who have (or have had) a great dad a Happy Father’s Day.  If you read my Mother’s Day post, you may have guessed that my mom must have married a neat guy.  You’d be right!

My dad won the “coolest dad around” award on many occasions.  He’s one of those rare people who actually encompasses the many qualities we’d all like to have:  smart, funny, loyal, honest, successful, committed, interesting, empathic, and cool to boot.  How many people do you know who are all of these things?  Not many, right? Continue reading “For My Dad” »

Broccoli in Moderation

We often think of broccoli as a superfood, one of those perfectly healthy foods.  It’s packed full of fiber and antioxidants, with none of those trans fats or refined sugars.  However, broccoli may not be healthy for the reasons you might think. Continue reading “Broccoli in Moderation” »

How to Build Your Child’s Self Esteem

If you grew up listening to Madonna, you were probably raised during the era of “self esteem.”  Self esteem became a buzz word back in the 80s when our parents were encouraged to build our self esteems with positive praise.  Given the fact that adults thrive on positive praise, this approach makes sense…..and so many of us listened to positive praise, deserved or not, as we stood on the soccer fields or basketball courts.  Our parents, coaches, and teachers cheered for us whether or not we really deserved it, we “won” a ribbon regardless of victory, and most kids made the team regardless of skill……all in the name of self esteem. Continue reading “How to Build Your Child’s Self Esteem” »

Exercise During Pregnancy

Did you exercise when you were pregnant?  Or were you told to just “take it easy?” Exercise is my drug of choice, but I felt gun shy about exercising while pregnant in 2006.  I always kept my heart rate below 140-150 bpm as instructed, so I never felt like I had an actual “work out.”  For many of us, exercise presents a big, gray question mark during pregnancy. Continue reading “Exercise During Pregnancy” »