Children, Anxiety, and Weight

Childhood obesity rates are so high these days that even Michelle Obama has jumped on board the mission to help kids stay fit. Current statistics estimate these rates to be around 20%, and the results of a new Childhood Obesity Task Force report revealed the following:

  • One in three children, ages 2-19 have been reported as being overweight
  • Childhood obesity causes 112,000 deaths every year
  • Childhood obesity costs approximately 3 billion dollars/year in direct medical costs

The maverick mom would like to reveal the following points related to childhood obesity: Continue reading “Children, Anxiety, and Weight” »

Is Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine?

MM ButtonDo you love sweets like cookies, cake, and ice cream?  Maybe you’re a pie person instead.  Join the crowd!  There are times every month that I could eat “Sugar in the Raw” straight from the packet in public.  I also crave sweets after Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, and always after vacations when we have dessert each day.  It’s an easy habit to start, but it’s hard one to kick when vacations or holiday seasons end…..and it’s no wonder.  Sugar is addictive, and in fact, some research suggests that sugar can be just as addictive as cocaine! Continue reading “Is Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine?” »

Loser of the Week: Van der Sloot

I would like to offer the Loser of the Week Award to Mr. Van der Sloot.  This scum bag deserves a life long vacation in a high security prison with roommates who have a fetish for shiny phallic objects.  May his dining options be sprinkled with salmonella, his dessert laden with laxatives, and his commode absent of toilet paper forever.

Van der Sloot Confesses

The Spanking Debate

What do you think about spanking?  Do you ever feel like you’ve run out of disciplinary options except for spanking?  I will admit that I occasionally feel like smacking my daughter when she does something particularly heinous….like kicking our Yorkie or running into the street while ignoring me.  I don’t do it, but I know this is a sign that I feel exasperated.

I truly feel that spanking isn’t a good option, but I’ve never read anything on the topic that sparked much thought on the issue until I read the following post at Continue reading “The Spanking Debate” »


Whenever I visit Disney World, I always find myself wondering why so many parents look pissed off mid-day.  It never fails that I see several Pissy Parents shortly after our arrival.  I think to myself, ‘what is that about???  how could anyone look so annoyed in Disney World?’  Last week, I figured it out.

Conversation with husband on first day of trip: Continue reading “Expectations” »

Pesticides Linked With ADHD

Do you have your home “treated” for bugs more often during these hot summer months? Has your child ever had lice? Do you usually purchase nonorganic produce due to the cost of organic alternatives? Your answers may have lifelong implications for your child. Continue reading “Pesticides Linked With ADHD” »