Racism, Moms, and Politics

SC GOP primaries results are in:  Haley wins the Republican nomination, hands down.  This is an exciting improvement over current Governor Sanford, particularly because she’s 1)female 2) a mom 3) smart and attractive.  With this in mind, check out the first sentence of the following article published this morning on MSN.com:

“In a break from the state’s racist legacy, South Carolina Republicans overwhelmingly chose Nikki Haley, an Indian-American woman, to run for governor and easily nominated Tim Scott, in line to become the former Confederate stronghold’s first black GOP congressman in more than a century…..”  (read the rest here)

Give me a break.  MSN.com pulled the “racist” card rather than celebrating the fact that a female (and mother) was nominated for the Republican gubernatorial candidate.  Instead, MSN.com chooses to insult the entire state.

Having grown up in the state of South Carolina, I find this topic very interesting.  In fact, I find the above statement an excellent example of reverse racism.  Some of the most important people in my life have been black, and one of them was like a mother to me.  When I moved to Miami, FL, I was surprised that so many people pulled the racist card after learning that I was from South Carolina.  I I have never, nor have I ever, experienced racism growing up here.

One might think, “well, maybe you aren’t in that circle of southerners.”  Wrong again.  I grew up going to debutaunte balls, country clubs, and white tie events.  If there were a “class” of family that you had in mind when thinking of a Southern racist, mine would certainly fit your prototype.  What I have experienced and witnessed is an ongoing willingness to offer time and financial assistance to those in need….black, white, yellow, or orange.

The socioeconomic problems that I have witnessed here have been no different from those that I’ve seen in South Miami, Florida. There is a much lower level of homelessness here, and those who need financial assistance are both black and white.  In my current community, the wealthier families contribute a massive amount of money to a local foundation that feeds, tutors, and cares for youth after school.  Since much of the socioeconomic factors that affect minorities are related to education, we happen to pour money into our public school systems to address the root of the problem.

Don’t get me wrong-we have our weaknesses just as any state does.  We’re the last state to stop “gifted and talented” testing within our school systems, as this has been shown to be useless due to the cognitive changes that happen throughout childhood.  We have ridiculously high state income tax, and our political leaders have been slow to catch onto this issue.  However, I speak on behalf of most South Carolinians in saying that we do not live in a racist state.

“Racism” is a two way street, and framing South Carolina as a formerly “racist” state instead of recognizing the victory at hand is an excellent example of reverse racism.  Contrary to some elitists’ beliefs, we also wear shoes here and travel along paved roads.

Maverickmom.com calls bullshit on MSN.com today.  I would like to rewrite the first sentence of that article as follows:

“In a break from the state’s paternal legacy, South Carolina Republicans overwhelmingly chose Nikki Haley, the first female and mother ever nominated to run for governor.  (run on sentence above corrected here)  The state also nominated Tim Scott to become the first black GOP congressman in more than a century, only two months after Steven Benjamin was elected as the state capital’s first black mayor.”

Congratulations to Nikki Haley today-what a monumental victory for women and moms, too!  Beware that as a conservative female who is both smart and attractive, you will likely be slaughtered by the media if you happen to run for president in coming years.  While we boast equal opportunity in this country, most people aren’t even aware of the bias against women are happen to have both of these qualities.

That’s all on this steamy summer day in the lowcountry, folks.  Racism has a major impact on health, too…..more on that another time.  I’m going to cool off at the pool, possibly with a frapuccino in hand.  Ta-ta for now!