Ruby Update

You may remember Ruby, our overweight Goldendoodle.  I wrote this post about her slight weight problem and hypothyroid about 8 weeks ago.

Since then, Ruby lost about 15+ pounds and looks quite svelte.  To complete her transition, we shaved her to compliment the new look (and help her stay cool this summer).

When I picked her up from the groomer, Savanna did not recognize her at all.  Ruby looks like a Weimerener!  Granted, she was a little embarrassed about her new look at first:

….but she adjusted, and now she’s all happy again.  This is what happens when a hypothyroid is corrected-you get all skinny and happy again.

That leads me to mention the importance of getting a comprehensive thyroid panel if you ever feel unhappy or depressed and overweight.  Other symptoms might include dry, brittle nails, fatigue, constipation, or irregular periods.  A significant number of people are walking around on antidepressants out there, never knowing that the real culprit is an underactive thyroid gland.

If you ask your physician to test your thyroid, remember to measure TSH, T3, T4, reverse T3, and your thyroid antibodies.  TSH alone doesn’t cut it, and the cutoff point for a hypothyroid is said to be between 3-3.5, not 4.  Having said that, I hope you don’t have any of these symptoms or any reason to suspect a hypothyroid.