I’m Back….

Has it really been 18 days since my last blog post?  18, as in 8 more than 10???

We have some real catching up to do right now.  Here we are, all settled in Boca Raton, FL.  Savanna loves her new school, and I do, too.  I would go to school there myself if they accepted my people my age as students. We’ve already ushered one cold in and out, and Savanna began taking gymnastics at a stellar gymnastics center.  Apparently, they thought she was pretty stellar, too. Continue reading “I’m Back….” »

Breakfast On The Move

So those of you who know me know that I am moving yesterday, today, and over the weekend.  Our house is boxed up, and last night I began to hear that empty echo that happens when you begin to move everything out of a home.  I hate that sound, and whenever I begin to hear it, I know that it’s time to leave.

This morning, I woke up early and tried to make toast-except our toaster was packed!  Naturally, I used the oven.   Continue reading “Breakfast On The Move” »

42 Health Tips for You

Did you have a good Labor Day weekend?  I hope so.  Our move to Florida is underway right now, so I would like to alert you to an exciting new download entitled, “42 Health Solutions.”   Continue reading “42 Health Tips for You” »

Somebody Else’s Dancy Dance

I just posted Savanna’s Dancy Dance on Labor Day, and then I ran into this dancy dance video.  I first saw this at Dooce.com by Heather Armstrong, who found it at Kottke.com, who probably found this video perusing YouTube whilst surfing the net.  Just to be clear about the line of internet viewing distribution here.

Awesome dancing.  Awesome music.  Awesome…outfits.

PS-Is it me, or is Jamie Curtis wearing a backwards thong in the pelvic thrust scene???

PSS-Wouldn’t it be sort of painful to wear a thong backwards?  Isn’t that the type of thing that typically causes camel’s toe?  Did I just reference camel’s toe over the internet?? Continue reading “Somebody Else’s Dancy Dance” »

Mommy Mojo

These days, an increasing number of you are looking for natural alternatives for your health concerns.  It can be tough to find good information on natural medicine that actually works, so I like to pass along the articles that I find credible.  Here is a great write up  on CNN Health which provides some good information on the natural supplements that you can use to regain your mojo. Continue reading “Mommy Mojo” »

Savanna’s Dancy Dance

Here is what I live with in my home.  I prepare a nice dinner of take out pizza, and all my family can do is dance and go all “Saturday Night Fever” on me at the dinner table.  Thanks, family. Continue reading “Savanna’s Dancy Dance” »

The Power of a Mother’s Touch

If you haven’t read about Kate Ogg yet, I hope you will now.  Just two days ago, Kate Ogg gave birth to twins prematurely.  At only 27 weeks, she knew that her babies may be in for a struggle, and she was right.  While her infant daughter was delivered without complication, her infant son was pronounced dead a few moments after birth.   Continue reading “The Power of a Mother’s Touch” »

A Sweet Exchange

There are some little moments with Savanna that I wish I could stick in my pocket and remember forever.  Here is one of them that I overheard while I was in the kitchen.  Mike and Savanna were sitting around the corner in the den making a little necklace with alphabet letter beads.  Savanna is not yet 4, and here is what I heard:

Husband:  Did you find the C?  Where did it go? Continue reading “A Sweet Exchange” »

Toot a Bugle

So Savanna found this bugle that was my grandmother’s back in the 1400s when she attended summer camp.  This bugle ended up at our house through a random set of events, and it sits on display in my living room.  Two weeks ago, it caught Savanna’s attention and I let her “have at it.”  To her absolute delight and my horror, the bugle was louder than loud.  The LOUDEST loud.  So loud that my neighbor down the street stood on the edge of his yard staring at us just to let us know that he was aware of the loudness.

I’d tell you all about this bugle, but these pictures will do a better job…..

Continue reading “Toot a Bugle” »