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These days, an increasing number of you are looking for natural alternatives for your health concerns.  It can be tough to find good information on natural medicine that actually works, so I like to pass along the articles that I find credible.  Here is a great write up  on CNN Health which provides some good information on the natural supplements that you can use to regain your mojo.

If you’ve been feeling like a limp biscuit these days, check out this article .

Ladies:  5 Ways You Can Feel Sexy Again

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That’s all from this moving mom today, folks.  I’m packing up and moving out to FL next week, and I’ll write to you wherever I am.  In fact, maybe we should play, “Where in the World on I-95 is Lisa?”  If you get it right, I’ll send you a pair of simulated diamond earrings.  No, seriously.  Ta-ta!