Halloween Tricks

This list of “Top 10 Worst Halloween Treats” is hilarious because it’s true.  Do you remember going Halloween Trick or Treating and avoiding those houses known to hand out annoying “treats” like pencils or apples?  Worse yet, some of the old grumsters in the neighborhood would turn off their lights to pretend they weren’t home on Halloween night when WE ALL KNEW THAT THEY WERE THERE watching the Wheel of Fortune or some equally annoying television show.

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Totally Terrific Tweets!

The newest “Totally Terrific Tweets” list is out-and this time it’s a double edition!

This is one of my most favorite lists-check it out, it’s hilarious:  Totally Terrific Tweets!

IV Nutrition Therapy: The Next Biggest Trend in Health

Do you ever feel like you’re coming down with a cold or the “kiddie crud” floating around your child’s school?  Do you have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue?  Maybe you’re a mom who just feels tired and lethargic on some days, or maybe you’re a grandmother who wants to look and feel younger.  Whatever your concern may be, the newest trend in medicine may be the answer for you. Continue reading “IV Nutrition Therapy: The Next Biggest Trend in Health” »

Houston, Are We Live Now?

So last week, I noticed that this site was loading more slowly.  It got slower and slower.  And sloooooowwwwweeeeerrrr. Continue reading “Houston, Are We Live Now?” »

My Favorite Conversations

This morning at 7AM:

Savanna:  We learned about bats in school yesterday!

Me:  NEAT! What did you learn? Was it cool?

Savanna: Bats fly around and peep, “Good morning good morning good morning!” so they do not run into walls.   Continue reading “My Favorite Conversations” »

What Are Your Hidden Food Allergies?

Do you have a problem losing weight, frequent headaches, or other chronic problems like eczema?  Perhaps you have hidden food allergies that are causing these problems.  Did you know that you probably have hidden food allergies that cause inflammation? Most of us do.

Inflammation is caused by lifestyle factors like nicotine, poor nutrition, chronic stress, and sedentary lifestyle.  Inflammation is the root cause of degenerative disease and aging.  Your hidden food allergies cause inflammation, tax your immune system, and use your reservoir of stem cells.  Thus, it makes sense to learn about your food allergies and avoid those foods if you’d like to live well for a long time. Continue reading “What Are Your Hidden Food Allergies?” »

The Reason Your Child is A Sponge

Kids pick up on everything.  Just this morning, Mike was nonchalantly talking about getting his tennis racquet restrung. Savanna looked up and said, “That’s OK Daddy, it will out work out in time.”  We both sat there trying not to laugh.  I’ve made that statement several times, but it amazes me that she seems to remember that entire sentence.  Unfortunately, they pick up on the stuff we’d rather them just not learn.  When Savanna was 2, she uttered the King of All Curse Words.  As an adjective.  With perfect enunciation and correct intonation.  I think she heard me say this when I was on the phone Mike say this once or something. Continue reading “The Reason Your Child is A Sponge” »

The Science of Conscious Parenting

So I’ve been talking to you about the connection between your thoughts, energy, and health for the past two days.  Thanks to the fields of quantum physics, epigenetics, and energy psychology, we know now that your DNA is not the sole determinant of your health.  It can change in response to environmental information, or energy.  Your thoughts create energy, and energy impacts the receptors on your cell membranes and can even cause changes in your DNA.  More specifically, your perception of your environment and the energy signals received from the environment determine your DNA expression. Continue reading “The Science of Conscious Parenting” »

Mind Over Matter

Yesterday, I wrote about the merging fields of quantum physics, biology, and epigenetics and how your thoughts create energy that can potentially change your DNA.  In other words, DNA is not the “be all, end all.”  Energy from your environment, your beliefs, radio frequencies, sound, and even other people can powerfully impact your health.

This morning, I visited one of my favorite author’s blogs-Martha Beck.  Imagine my delight when I found her recent blog post entitled, “Mind Over Matter,” featuring a video of Martha doing a demonstration of quantum physics!  This is an amazing, concrete illustration of yesterday’s post wherein I talked to you about the power of energy. Continue reading “Mind Over Matter” »

Mind Over Genetics: Genes Have Been Demoted

Do you ever worry about your family genes?  Do you ever think, “Well, I’m this size because it runs in my family,” or “Alzheimer’s is in my genes, so I’m probably in for it one day.”  Or maybe you hear a report about a new gene variant associated with autism, and you feel worried that maybe your newborn has that one, too.  Whatever the case, I’ve got good news for you.

Epigenetics, or the study of that which is “over genetics,” is teaching us that genes are not the sole determinants of our health or our fate at all.  The factors that happen to have power “over our genes” are related to energy-energy from light, sound, radio frequency, thought, and other energies.  This probably accounts for many of the miraculous healings and spontaneous remissions from diseases we hear about from time to time.   Continue reading “Mind Over Genetics: Genes Have Been Demoted” »