Have You Seen This Cat?

This is hilarious.  I only wish I had been there to help pull this off.  I love the guy who, after clarifying that this is not a cat, suggests “getting it out of the house or throw it away” (around 2:35).   Continue reading “Have You Seen This Cat?” »

Mood, Neurotransmitters, and How to Change Your Chemistry

We hear about neurotransmitters and SSRIs on a daily basis, but what are they, exactly?

Here is a great metaphor for understanding neurotransmitters and mood.  Think of a light switch and a dimmer.  You turn the dimmer up to turn up the light intensity, and vice versa to decrease it.  The light represents neurotransmission (the messaging route) while the dimmer feature is the neurotransmitter (a chemical messenger like serotonin).  Neurotransmission is to the light what neurotransmitters are to the dimmer.
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The Free Starbucks (and Sticker) Giveaway Winner Is….

Lisa Couture, come on down!!!  You’re the big winner this week.  Congratulations on guessing the correct movie we quoted in this week’s Name That Flick contest.

Just in case you couldn’t understand what was being said (expected):

“My master is good, and he is smart, and he made me this collar so that I may talk-Squirrel!”

So Lisa, please email your snail mail address to me at MaverickMom@MaverickMom.com,and I’ll send you your prize!!


Bugs and Boogers

Dear Parents,

We have a case of Head Lice.  If your child is found to have head lice you will receive a call to come pick them up.  Tomorrow please send your girls with long hair in braids, ponytails, etc.  Putting mousse or gel in the hair will also help.  If your child is sctatching his or her head or neck please check for lice.

Not us. But I am not one to take chances. Continue reading “Bugs and Boogers” »

Cortisol, Running, and Weight Loss

Did you know that long distance running increases cortisol levels?  You’ve heard of cortisol, the stress related hormone that causes your body to hang onto unwanted fat pounds, right?  And you know that those pounds usually hang out in the worst of places-your stomach area.  How frightening, but there is a way that you can curtail the effects of cortisol.

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The Secret Power of Your Heart

“A dream can be a powerful thing, especially when it comes from the heart.”

-Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket really knew what he was talking about in his day.  In fact, your heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in your body, producing the largest electromagnetic field of any of your organs.  The interaction between your emotions, heart, and physical health is far more profound than you may know.  Thanks to research in quantum physics, energy psychology, and the Institute of Heart Math, we are beginning to understand the interaction between emotions, heart, physical health, and energy fields.

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What Would Happen If You Always Told the Truth?

What would happen if we always told the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  No white lies,  not even omissions of the truth?   It’s been estimated that we all tell an average of something like 40 white lies a day (and then we put our kids in time-out for “telling a story”).  Marketing and advertising isn’t all that different, is it?

I mean, the Energizer does NOT keep going and going and going, and a diamond is NOT “always forever.”  If VISA were always “everywhere” I wanted it to be, then I wouldn’t have to pay cash for my favorite pizza at a local joint here.

Wheaties is certainly not the “Breakfast of Champions,” since their box cover models have included people like Barry Bonds (what a steroid head) and Lance Armstrong (SUCH a gigolo).  Who’s next, Brett Favre?  Hey, maybe he could just save the Wheaties gang some time and text a photo of his penis instead.  And if M&Ms really “melts in your mouth, not in your hands,” then why did I end up with pink and blue shit all over my white linen pants last Easter?   Continue reading “What Would Happen If You Always Told the Truth?” »

MaverickMom.com Free Starbucks Giveaway

Let’s have some fun today.  Do you watch movies with your kids?  If so, you’re in luck because it might just get you somewhere with this contest.

Savanna and I decided to have a contest and if you win, we each get to send you one of our favorite things.  The prize, you ask?  A BMW 750 $20 Starbucks gift card from me, and a sticker from Savanna.  You get both of these favorites.

In the video below, we tell you a line in one of our favorite movies.  If you can guess the name of the movie, write your answer in the comment section below.  The first person to get it right wins, and I’ll announce the winner on Friday.  The stakes are big here, so put your best foot forward.  I’m not sure what type of sticker is involved or how big it is, but the winner shall soon see.

As for me, I’m sending you the only legal drug that is both healthy and inexpensive:  Starbucks!!!!!  This is a gift from my heart-from me to you.  And if you’re wondering what I meant by “healthy,” coffee is an antioxidant that is correlated with a decreased risk for brain cancer (and if you wonder what I meant by inexpensive, I meant relative to street drugs).

On that note, give it your best shot: Continue reading “MaverickMom.com Free Starbucks Giveaway” »

Miscarriages Count, Too

Miscarriage is such a common occurrence, and yet it continues to be so underreported in our society.  I have written about this before, so this is an admittedly recycled post-but I’ve revised this article and added a link for a wonderful essay by Alice Bradley on her experience with miscarriage.  Here is the article again:

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Wheaties Box Hilarity

I was pretty jazzed to hear that Peyton Manning made the cover of GQ Wheaties this month.  Surprisingly, not all Wheaties cover models have been winners.  My favorite on this list of less than impressive people was Barry Bonds, closely followed by Lance Armstrong.  What a dickweed THAT guy is.

Ten Box Covers Wheaties Wishes They Could Take Back