Bugs and Boogers

Dear Parents,

We have a case of Head Lice.  If your child is found to have head lice you will receive a call to come pick them up.  Tomorrow please send your girls with long hair in braids, ponytails, etc.  Putting mousse or gel in the hair will also help.  If your child is sctatching his or her head or neck please check for lice.

Not us. But I am not one to take chances.

I quickly located an organic lice prevention product, found a local venue who carried this item, and picked it up on the way to retrieve my child from the premises. I also stopped to pick up a hazmat suit to wear and greased my hair back.  Fully prepared, I then read the following email:

Dear Parents,

I checked each child’s head today in both classes as well as all the teacher’s heads.  I found no head lice.  I will check everyone again tomorrow to be sure.  Thank you to those of you who sent me treatment information.  Much appreciated. (Welcome)

On another note, we have two cases of pink eye in the east room!!!  Please check your child this evening and again tomorrow for signs of pink eye.

Man down!  Man down!!!!  My child has booger eye!!!!

I’m sure she’ll have two booger eyes by tomorrow night.  Come to think of it, I probably will, too.

That’s all from this mom today, folks.  I’d like to thank the moron who decided to schedule Halloween and Daylight Savings Time back to back for totally screwing us up. We had finally adjusted to springing forward, and now we have to turn the clock back again?  Sugar+loss of sleep=totally wrecked this week.