Cortisol, Running, and Weight Loss

Did you know that long distance running increases cortisol levels?  You’ve heard of cortisol, the stress related hormone that causes your body to hang onto unwanted fat pounds, right?  And you know that those pounds usually hang out in the worst of places-your stomach area.  How frightening, but there is a way that you can curtail the effects of cortisol.

If you enjoy running distance but not the cortisol spike, try using phosphadityl serine to cap your cortisol levels.  You can add approximately 250-300 mg of this supplement to your daily shake or take it in capsule form after finishing a longer run or intense workout.  Your body will release less cortisol, which translates into better results.

Since cortisol also compromises your immune system, keeping those levels in check means that you will be less susceptible to the kiddie crud this season, too.  Bonus?  Lower cortisol levels will mean better, sounder sleep, too.  Don’t use over 2400mg or so each week since you don’t want to lower your cortisol levels too much.

Exercise is truly the best medicine in the world-it‘s free, and the benefits are exponential.  Workouts that do not raise cortisol levels quite as much are resistance training, yoga, and Pilates.  Of course, running sprints won’t elevate cortisol nearly as much as running distance.

That’s all from this mom today, folks.  In the photo above, do you see the tiny little one with the pink shirt?  That’s Savanna, who ran behind me all the way through the finish line!  I had no idea and missed the entire performance, but here is a snapshot that was taken of her as she “finished.”  She stole the show and ended up in the newspaper several weeks later.  Toodles!