How to Beat the Winter Blues

It’s February.  This is the exact time of year when many people start to feel the winter blues.   The holiday season has come and gone, and Spring isn’t quite here yet.  Do you feel a little “blah” or even down?  Do you find yourself reaching for the chips, or craving carbs during the winter?  Do you sleep more or feel tired more often?

You are not alone, my friend.  I’ve been there, as have most of us who live in areas with seasonal changes.  You can fix this with a few simple, daily steps this winter.

During the winter time, our days get much shorter and we get less sunlight.  This is the time of year when most people’s Vitamin D3 levels reach it’s lowest levels of the year.  Since Vitamin D3 is closely related to serotonin production, this means that some people begin to feel down, anxious, or just plain terrible.

Here are some easy things that you can do to put a little more color in your Winter and bring Spring a little closer!
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Mom or Martyr?

Are you a mom or a martyr?  Which role do you play in your day to day life?  This is an important question because it illuminates the degree to which you meet your own needs each day.

What are you talking about, Lisa?!

Martyr Moms are those women who enjoy broadcasting the fact that their needs are seldom met.  Martyr moms brag about this as if they should earn a girl scout badge.  Have you ever heard these conversations?   Continue reading “Mom or Martyr?” »

The Usefulness of iPhoto Booth

I do not make New Year’s resolutions.  If I did though, I would have resolved to figure out the purpose of iPhoto Booth in 2011.


I’m pretty sure that this is exactly what Steve Jobs intended for this Mac app.

Thanksgiving Until Now

My hiatus is over.  We have all been busy, and this is never an excuse-blogging has not been my priority lately because I have had a few big things going on, but it’s time that we get caught up.  Here is a brief overview of November thru today:

  • Dropped the revered family macaroni and cheese dish on Thanksgiving.  Cleaned up said mess and still partook in eating it.
  • Attended adorable pre-school Holiday show.  Listened to daughter sing Hannukah songs throughout holiday season despite the fact that we are not Jewish.
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