We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby! Women and Exercise in the 1800s

Here is a fabulous video of women exercising over the past 100 years that was sent to me by a reader-thank you!

Thank goodness our clothing choices have improved so much over the past century-these poor women must have felt so restricted, not to mention hot.  Though we tend to exercise much differently these days, some of these women did get it right with their moves!  Notice the women doing pushups, pullups, and lunges in various ways throughout this video.  Good work, ladies!  (Read More Here)

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How to Live Longer and Look Younger: TA-65 and More

Over the weekend, we celebrated my Mike’s 33rd birthday (yes, I am a slight cougar).  Every year, we all celebrate our birthdays and chalk ourselves up as “another year older” or “over the hill.”  I hear so many people, especially women, dreading their next birthday and feeling “old.”  But what if your age didn’t matter?  What if it had little to do with how young you looked or the amount of time you had left?  The truth is, it doesn’t.

Your real “age” has more to do with the length of your telomeres, or the ends of your DNA strands.  Telomeres look a lot like the ends of your shoelaces-the parts that keep the ends from fraying.  These were once thought to be extra blanks left over at the end of your DNA strands, but they are far more important.  Telomeres are now known to determine your true age-the longer they are, the younger YOU are, and the less at risk for disease, too. The shorter they are, the older you are, and the greater your chance for a variety of diseases.  Long=youth and health.  Short=aging and disease, particularly cancer.

When will there be a drug available that will lengthen our telomeres and turn back the clock?  There already is, and it is available now.   TA-65 is a telomerase activator that activates the h-TERT gene, the gene responsible for producing telomerase activation enzyme.  This drug is produced by TA Sciences, and it’s been available by prescription only since 2005 with no reported adverse effects.  Though it’ll cost you anywhere from $8000-10,000 a year, this elixir of youth will keep you young and healthier until you’re 1)ready to kick the bucket or 2) die from a cause other than disease.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are currently living in a time where we will see aging reversed.  This is a reality now, not a hope for the future.

But what if you want to stay young and maintain your health without spending the money for TA-65?  There are 4 powerful ways that you can increase your telomere length that will cost you little to nothing:  supplements, exercise, proper nutrition, and sleep. Research has shown-time after time-that these simple daily choices can significantly increase telomere length.  Here are some specific things that you can do on a daily basis to turn back the clock: (click here to read more) Continue reading “How to Live Longer and Look Younger: TA-65 and More” »

How to See Jesus on the Treadmill

Do you ever run on the treadmill?  I do-treadmill running saved my sore knees after years of pounding on the asphalt.  I have enjoyed running since college, and I’ve written about the neurochemical effects of running here.  Despite the benefits associated with running, too much can increase cortisol levels, and treadmill running can get pretty boring.

Here is a grueling treadmill workout that will spice up your routine, compliments of Bryan Francis at StupidGymShit.com. This is a very short, time effective workout that that will burn some serious fat without causing the usual cortisol squirt associated with distance running.  Find this workout here and enjoy.  Just be prepared to see Jesus around the 3rd interval. Continue reading “How to See Jesus on the Treadmill” »

3 Mothers Day Highlights

After spending the majority of the past 7 weeks pondering all of the reasons that miscarriage sucks, I think I finally have my A game back.  There were 3 highlights to our Mothers Day festivities that I thought I’d share for laughs.

Highlight #1

Savanna’s class hosted a Mothers Day Tea, during which Savanna gave me with “All The Things that Make My Mommy Special” tribute.  In the document, Savanna filled in the blanks to various questions about me, and her answers were both hilarious and somewhat accurate.  She noted that my favorite thing to do is “work out” and that my favorite food is “hamburgers.”  Note that I have never really consumed a hamburger, except for the time that we went to Table 42 for burger night, but this evidently made quite an impact.  I apparently look the best while “wearing a skirt,” and if I could go anywhere, it would be “Disney World.”  Also, she reminds us again that I “works out.”

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