To Start Your Weekend Right

I love this song-I could listen to it 100 times a day.  It taps into the sappy part of my brain that makes me think about Channing Tatum my husband.

The interesting thing about music is this:  it can tap our emotions in a way that most things can’t.  It only takes the right song to drill into some sadness, fear, regret, or passion you’ve buried or hidden for awhile.  If you happen to be one of those people who wishes for a good cry, you can use music, books, and movies to help you reconnect and express the emotions you’ve had trouble expressing or forgotten.  When I had Savanna in 2006, I was addicted to “Far Away” and “Saving Me” by Nickelback.  Whenever I listen to either of those two songs, the melody puts me right back in the delivery room.

Music with a regular beat increases serotonin, and music with a more erratic beat increases dopamine.  Use music as medicine!  I have written about other behaviors that you can use to alter your neurotransmitters to improve mood here.

That’s all for today, kids.  This song is like a bottle of serotonin-pair it with a little red wine and you’ll start your weekend off right.  Ta-ta for now!