My Perfect Post Workout (or Anytime) Shake Recipe

I often get asked about post workout shakes, and I have a great recipe that I have used over the years.  This is the shake that I make nearly every morning, and I have added a few ingredients over the past few months as I’ve learned more about new supplements.  This is the perfect shake to make any time, but especially after a workout.  Get your blender out and get ready for a great chocolate shake!

  • Water, crushed ice (about a cup)
  • 1 scoop of chocolate Whey protein
  • Glutamine-I use about 10 grams, or two scoops
  • Glycine-I use 2 or 3 grams, or 2-3 scoops
  • Organic Greens-1 or 2 TBS
  • Splash of coffee
  • 2 TBS unsweetened cocoa
  • Stevia

Blend, blend, blend!


Whey protein is the best protein powder to use for two reasons.  It’s easily digestible, and it even helps support liver function.  Lately, I hear a lot about egg protein being better, and eggs certainly offer the perfect protein…..but why not eat an egg?  I think it’s a good idea to mix up your protein sources.

Make sure to find a good whey protein without the nasty artificial sweeteners or fillers.  Otherwise, you’ll just end up ingesting synthetic ingredients and leaving a green cloud behind you.  Not fun for those who follow.  I like the brands at LEF and BB3 Training Center.

Glutamine is one of the most important amino acids in your body.  It’s stored in your muscles first, lungs, second, and we deplete our glutamine levels under intense exercise.  Glutamine also supports your immune system and is lowered when cortisol levels rise.  It’s a good idea to replenish your glutamine levels after exercise, so find a good L-Glutamine supplement.

Glycine is a building block for glutathione.  Glutathione is a lovely anti-aging compound.  It’s the mother of all anti-oxidants.  Glutathione recycles the antioxidants in your body to help you fight toxins and the overwhelming amounts of stress we face today.  It’s also an important part of your immune system and helps prevent cancer.  Glutathione also helps with detoxification and of course, I have to mention the fact that glutathione is a building block for serotonin, your happy neurotransmitter.  If you’re not feeling your best, you’re probably low on glutathione.

Don’t waste your time taking the glutathione tablets you may find in health food stores.  The very best way to up your levels of glutathione would be through an IV push, but you can also take glycine, the main building block for this important antioxidant.

Greens help reduce and prevent inflammation.  My favorite “green” is spirulina-it contains the perfect protein and helps with detoxification.  Let me be clear in saying that I hate the taste of greens, though, which is why I use the following ingredients.  I like the organic greens at

Coffee will add some flavor and a little pizazz to your shake.  It also helps cover the taste of the greens.

Unsweetened cocoa covers the taste of the greens.

That’s all for today, folks.  I hope you enjoy this healthy frozen-it will deliver results after a workout and keep you satiated for at least an hour or two.  You can also read more about glutathione here in an article by Dr. Mark Hyman, one of my favorite experts in the field of functional medicine.





  1. Lillian says:

    Handful of almonds
    1 banana
    1 cup of frozen blueberries
    1 table spoon of raw cacoa
    1 table spoon of spirulina
    3 kale leaves
    a table spoon of coconut oil
    a table spoon of flax seeds
    water to desired consistency


  2. maverickmom says:

    Wow, Lillian! Thanks so much for sharing this super awesome smoothie recipe. If you read this blog much, you probably know that coconut oil/butter is a favorite of mine. I’ll definitely have to give this one a try! I can tell you are truly dedicated to your health-thanks again for sharing!