The Reason I Quit Microwaved Kettle Popcorn

One of my most favorite snacks is the microwaved Kettle Popcorn-those 100 calorie snack bags are addictive.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  I love the stuff-it’s fast, easy, not too unhealthy, and tastes like crack on a platter great.  And yet, I know this food does nothing for me-it’s high glycemic with very little protein, which means blood sugar spike, which means that it pretty much sucks.  Even my trainer gave me the hairy eyeball in April when I told her that I eat popcorn nearly every afternoon.  Since I want an A PLUS on everything I do, including the occasional personal training, I did cut back-but I didn’t quit.

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Avoid Foods With This Pretty Symbol

If you see food packages marked with this symbol, put the box down.  Slowly walk away.

irradiation symbol for radiation

Why?  This symbol communicates to you, the customer, that irradiation has been used to “add an extra layer of protection” against food borne pathogens. Irradiation includes gamma rays, which have been shown to produce dangerous compounds which may promote tumor growth and colon cancer.   Continue reading “Avoid Foods With This Pretty Symbol” »


The following conversation took place on the way home from school on Wednesday this week:

Savanna:  I know all about hurricanes.

Me:  Really?  Tell me!

Savanna:  They go around and AROUND AND AROUND and then they go UP and then they go DOWN, and they have a little teeny tiny EYE right in the middle!!!!       And then they go down and bring a LOT OF RAIN and a LOT OF LIGHTNING.  I am a hurricane EXPERT.

Me:  WOW!!!  How did you know about that?

Savanna:  We learned about it in SCHOOL today!!!

Me:  Well, you do know a lot about hurricanes!  You’re really listening!

Savanna:  AND GUESS WHAT???  There are FOUR hurricanes going to South Carolina right now!  Maybe THREE, but probably FOUR!!!


That’s all for today, folks.  Hurricane Irene’s “feeders” gave our swimming pool a new infinity edge, but that’s nothing compared to what our friends in SC, NC, and NYC will experience this week.  Sending thoughts and prayers to all of you up there as Irene heads your way.  Stay safe, my friends!


How to Deal With the Bitches in Your Life

Pardon my French-I don’t often use the “B” word in posts, but you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t feel me on this one.  We all have difficult people in our lives.  Sometimes they’re there for a few minute a week, and you can bear the minor annoyance through sheer avoidance.  Other times, they’re family members or even close friends who can push us well beyond our personal thresholds and into table flipping territory.

Most of the time, Very Difficult People are those who 1) like to stir shit up with other people,  2) say one thing, change their minds, do another, 3) are moody, get pissed fast, say they’re not pissed, 4) looooovee something or someone, then all the sudden, change their minds and HATE that same person or thing, 5) very easily insulted and hurt, but no problem insulting others (while simultaneously saying they love the person they just insulted), 6) take no responsibility for any of the above. Continue reading “How to Deal With the Bitches in Your Life” »

Finally, Some Good News About the Economy

Here is a great article on the Top 5 Reasons Fort Lauderdale real estate will NOT drop 10%.  You live in Minnesota, you say, so why does this matter?  Fort Lauderdale is probably one of the more magnified examples of the real estate market, meaning that it’s probably a good barometer zone to measure what will happen everywhere at some point.  So for those of you at home who sit and worry, take a look at this article written by better half, Mr. Maverick Dad.  After all, financial stress is one of the worst triggers for chronic stress.

Top 5 Reasons Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Will Not Drop 10%

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Foods You Should Always Buy Organic

The Environmental Working Group put together the “dirty dozen” list of fruits and vegetables that carry higher levels of pesticide residue.  These are the produce items that you should always buy organic, especially if you have children at home.  Pesticides are just one type of obesogen, or chemical that mimic estrogen within the body and disrupt our endocrine system.  Obesogens trick the body into storing more fat, slowing down metabolism, and turning on the hunger signals more often.  This basically means that you could eat as “healthy” as possible, exercise like a champ, and still have trouble losing weight.  

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Electromagnetic Radiation During Pregnancy

I have been concerned about exposure to electromagnetic radiation during pregnancy since my own miscarriage in March.  We know that X-rays are a no-no during pregnancy, and many women refuse to even walk through the security scanners at the airports.  However, few people acknowledge the fact that we are exposed to electromagnetic radiation on a daily basis at home.  Smart phones, vacuums, toasters, blenders, microwaves, computers, iPads…..all of these items emit strong electromagnetic radiation that become harmless from about 4 feet away. Then again, who sits 4 feet away from the computer?

What kind of cumulative effects occur when we are over exposed to electromagnetic radiation during pregnancy?  This study found that pregnant women who were exposed to higher levels of  electromagnetic radiation for the first 10 weeks of pregnancy (as measured by monitors they wore) were 80% more likely to have a miscarriage. Scary stuff.



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If You Want Twins, Move to Nigeria

Random fact of the day: Did you know that Nigeria has the highest number of twins in the world?  This African country has a twinning rate estimated at 1 in 22 in the Yorubas of Nigeria.  This has been attributed to the women’s consumption of large quantities of yams, which have estrogen-like properties. Perhaps the high levels of estrogen cause the women to ovulate not one, but two eggs fairly often.  So if you happen to want twins, consider eating yams and see what happens!

  • Omega 3s and the Popular Diet Pill, Alli™

    I have recently been surprised to hear that several friends use the popular diet pill, Alli.  This over the counter medication prevents the body from absorbing nutritional fat, which is a somewhat archaic approach to fat loss these days.  Fat doesn’t make us fat-poor nutritional habits, sedentary lifestyle, and hormonal imbalance do.  Here is an excellent review of Alli written by celebrity personal trainer, Billy Beck III.

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    Five Big Reasons to Skip Happy Hour

    Do you like to have a few drinks at the end of the day? Few people really understand the connection between alcohol, hormonal balance, and weight.  Here are a few of the biggest reasons you should consider skipping, or at least minimizing, your alcoholic beverages.





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