The Reason I Quit Microwaved Kettle Popcorn

One of my most favorite snacks is the microwaved Kettle Popcorn-those 100 calorie snack bags are addictive.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  I love the stuff-it’s fast, easy, not too unhealthy, and tastes like crack on a platter great.  And yet, I know this food does nothing for me-it’s high glycemic with very little protein, which means blood sugar spike, which means that it pretty much sucks.  Even my trainer gave me the hairy eyeball in April when I told her that I eat popcorn nearly every afternoon.  Since I want an A PLUS on everything I do, including the occasional personal training, I did cut back-but I didn’t quit.

So what was the final straw that convinced me to quit my all time fave?  I learned that it contains a nasty chemical called Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which happens to be an obesogen.  Obesogens are chemicals that trick our bodies into getting fat.  They disrupt our neuroendocrine system because the damn things resemble estrogen so much that our bodies can’t tell the difference.  Our bodies do several things at once in response to obesogens: 1)we get really, really hungry, 2) become more insulin resistant, 3) automatically store more fat, and 4) get really hungry again.

PFOA is just one of the many common obesogens, and it’s the same chemical found in nonstick cooking pans.  Other common obesogens include:

1. Plastics-BPA is the obesogen commonly found in plastics.  Avoid plastics labeled with the numbers 3 and 7.  No wonder they’re making BPA free cups everywhere I turn.

2. Meats and fish-Eat vegetarian or grass fed beef and always stick to wild caught fish.  Farm raised fish can contain up to 90% more toxins than wild caught fish!  Groders.

3. Tap water– Will you have tap or bottled, ma’am?  Choose bottled because tap water isn’t so chappy these days.  It usually contains atrazine, a pesticide which seeps through the soil and into your drinking water.  It can also contain tributylin, a fungicide used on the bottom of boats.  Considering the fact that we live in a nautical boater’s haven here, I’ll choose bottled.

4.  Shower Curtains and Air Fresheners-Most shower curtains and air fresheners contain pthalates.  Guess what these puppies do?  They lower testosterone and promote less muscle mass.  This is bad news for guys who like shower curtains since apparently, this stuff wills shrink their balls.

5.  PFOA-The aforementioned chemical found in nonstick cookware and….microwaved popcorn!!!!  So sad.  And yet, this is what it took for me to say goodbye to my KettleCorn.

6.  Produce-Choose organic produce if you purchase anything from the dirty dozen list.  These 12 fruits and vegetables absorb the highest amount of pesticides, so you should avoid buying the nonorganic versions of these items.

So what does a kettle corn lover do??  As I always say, NEVER quit anything, just replace it with something that isn’t so unhealthy.  I found a fabulous, less obesogenic alternative with the Sunbeam Popcorn maker, which I found at Target.  I also bought-you guessed it-kettlecorn seasoning to make a better alternative.  It’s not quite as addictive, but it does the trick!

That’s all from this Florida mom today, folks.  I hope you kick KettleCorn to the curb, along with tap water and small balls.  Here are a few good, informative articles on obesogens written by my two favorite physicians-Dr. Oz and Dr. Sears.  Ciao for now!

Dr. Al Sears on Obesogens

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