Get Me Out of Here

This is what our Rocky, our Yorkie does when I put him in his crate.  Seriously.  Who says dogs can’t talk?  SO PISSED.

Did She Just Call Them Potatoes?

So yesterday was one of the first days that we, as parents, are allowed to go into the classroom with our child to see a lesson in the morning.  I was busy doing a reading lesson with Savanna on her mat with her teacher when an adorable little girl walked up and began to tell the teacher something that I could tell was REALLY URGENT.  She started off by saying that her “mommy said daddy, um,” and was quickly shooed away by the teacher.  Here is the conversation that ensued: Continue reading “Did She Just Call Them Potatoes?” »

How to Sleep Better Tonight

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep?  Or worse yet, you wake up in the middle of the night and just lay there for hours?  I remember having this problem after my daughter was born.  Though I was terribly exhausted and desperate for sleep, I would lay there for hours unable to fall asleep!  I occasionally have early morning awakenings, usually when I have a lot going on during the week.  Nowadays, I have a few tricks in my pocket to fix the problem. Continue reading “How to Sleep Better Tonight” »

A Quick Word From Abraham-Hicks

I just noticed this Facebook post from the Abraham-Hicks™ page and had to share it.  I love this!


The child is thinking, and receiving vibrational thought from you on the day that he enters your environment. That is the reason that beliefs are transmitted so easily from parent to child, from parent to child, from parent to child. The child is vibrationally receiving your fears, your beliefs, even without your spoken word… If you want to do that which is of greatest value for your child, give thought only to that which you want, and your child will receive only those wanted thoughts.






And now I know why my daughter loves Disney World just as much as I do.  Thought transmission from the moment she entered my “environment.”  That’s all for today, folks.  As always, be picky about your thoughts.  Thoughts are real energy, and they do become things rather quickly.  Ciao for now!