Halloween Sugar and Spirits: Is Alcohol Abuse a Sugar Addiction?

We all know a few moms who like to have a drink or maybe five.  There’s nothing wrong with having a drink now and then, or even one a day, but few people know the real reason they are drawn to alcohol.

Most people don’t realize that alcohol is actually a sugar.  In fact, alcohol is the fastest acting sugar on the brain. Within seconds of taking your first sip, those sugars reach your brain.  In short, a “buzz” is actually a sugar high, which is interesting considering the addictive nature of sugar.

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When I Get Pissed, I Watch This And Feel Better

I love this clip of Bill O’Reilly so much that I am going to go ahead and post it again.  I find this so hilarious……his nonverbals are priceless.  Notice the angry blinking and nose flairs toward the end of the clip.  It leaves me in stitches every time, and we could all use a laugh.

PS-  F bomb alert!   Be sure to turn your volume down if you have kids around or if you’re at work.

The Robochick at My Gym

So I go to this fitness center about 100 miles a few miles from Savanna’s school after I drop her off.  This place is ridiculously far from our house, but I’m willing to make the drive there because it’s super clean and is more of a fitness club than a sweaty gym.  There is no BO smell and very little oggling the eye candy, at least not that I notice.  And it’s in the heart of Boca Raton, so the people there provide some fodder for my blog.

There are several women there who I can’t help but notice, and one of them happens to look a lot like the female version of Arnold Schwarzenneger with breasts and large lips.  Robochick absolutely loves her body, something I know for certainty based on her attire.  She usually wears a lacy black sports bra and workout pants while staying as close as possible to the mirrors so as to admire her own pump and veinage.  I’m not even sure where one would purchase a black, lacy sports bra. I personally sweat so much that I try to buy the cheapest workout clothes possible, but I digress.   Continue reading “The Robochick at My Gym” »

The Birthday Party.

I am happy to be writing this post because it means I survived the party.  What party, you ask?  Let me tell you all about it.

Savanna’s 5th birthday party was last weekend, and I made the brilliant decision to have it here at our house.  And have a petting zoo.  Here.  At our house.

It seemed like a pretty good idea at the time because 1) Savanna loves animals and 2) Chuck-e-Cheese sucks.  If we’re going to throw a party and spend lots of money, why not spend it on something she loves? This seemed like a great idea all the way up until two weeks before her party, at which point I began to feel like maybe it wasn’t.  Since I am really into self induced pressure, I decided to plunge ahead. Continue reading “The Birthday Party.” »

A Few Reasons You Should Meditate

Do you feel wired and tired?  Feeling tired is sure to cause irritability, forgetfulness, and compromised immune system.  There IS a way to feel more relaxed and improve your health, but you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that you need to get still for at least a few minutes a day. Continue reading “A Few Reasons You Should Meditate” »

She Comes For Us In The Night

So we’ve been having this sleep problem at our house over the past six months.  At some point in the middle of the night, Savanna pads into our room and appears at my side of the bed.  She’s like a fuzzy little ghost-I never hear her coming into our room-and she rubs my arm and waits until I pull her into the bed, where she sleeps between Mike an I until morning.  The fact that she  “packs up” before leaving her room because she arrives with her pillow, blanket, and a stuffed animal in hand is something that I find hilarious. She knows how to time her arrival meticulously well, right around the time I enter the deepest sleep ever slept.  So I just toss her over at some point in the night-sometimes I remember it and sometimes I don’t-and then the crazy part happens:  she turns into a giant.   Continue reading “She Comes For Us In The Night” »