Top 10 Tips for Losing Pregnancy Weight

Losing weight after pregnancy or miscarriage can be extremely tough.  In my own experience, losing weight after miscarriage has been much harder than it was after pregnancy.  No matter what I did, how consistent I was, or how hard I tried, I could not lose the last 6 pounds after miscarriage. I’ve come to the conclusion that this has a lot to do with excess estrogen.

Your liver is responsible for metabolizing estrogen, and it can’t do this job it’s busy getting rid of other crap we put into our bodies.  Therefore, the excess estrogen in your system after pregnancy or miscarriage continues to float around and make fat loss virtually impossible. Once I made a few simple, yet powerful adjustments to my lifestyle, the weight finally came off.  These changes had nothing to do with exercise or caloric deficit and everything to do with helping my body do some estrogen detox.

Here are a few less well known tips for losing weight after miscarriage  and pregnancy that can help lower your estrogen levels and make your efforts more effective.

1.  Avoid any skin care and hair care that contains parabens or pthalates.

Parabens and pthlates are nasty preservatives that mimic estrogen when absorbed by the skin, tricking your body into thinking that you have more than you really do.  This is one of the many reasons for the epidemic in estrogen dominance in our culture, so avoid skin care, body care, and shampoo products that contain parabens and pthlates.  The last thing you need is more estrogen like chemicals in your body after pregnancy.  A new paraben free skincare product that I have recently used is BeautyMint, which is one of the few skincare lines that doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight throughout the day.

Here is a very cool site that offers suggestions for natural and organic facial moisturizers, along with reviews for each.

2.  Minimize alcohol intake.

Alcohol is metabolized in your liver, and it gets preferential treatment.  In other words, your liver stops what it may be doing (like metabolizing estrogen) and works to metabolize alcohol instead.  Unless you want to work your ass off without getting any results, cut alcohol out altogether for awhile.

3.  Eat organic meats.

Eat organic meat only.  The added hormones found in non-organic meat will, of course, be mistaken for an estrogen within your body and will block your progress.

4.  Drink pure, filtered water.

Drink only pure, filtered water.  Unfiltered water usually contains chemicals which mimic estrogen, otherwise known as obesogens.  Obesogens disrupt your endocrine system, cause weight gain, and make it virtually impossible to lose weight.  Use a filter like Brita to filter your water.  Read more about obesogens here.

5.  Eat fibrous foods or fast in the mornings.

At night time, your body goes into fasting mode.  You can extend this in the mornings by eating fibrous foods that support detoxification like blueberries, strawberries, and other fibrous fruits or vegetables.  This will maximize the detoxification process and help you metabolize the excess estrogen.

6.  Eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables.

Cruciferous vegetables help your body metabolize estrogen.  My favorites are brussel sprouts, broccoli, and green beans.  Try roasting these in the oven with apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar-they’re great!

7.  Avoid artificial sweeteners.

Avoid artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, sucralose (Splenda), and acesulfame potassium.  These are metabolized by your  liver as well, which means that they block your progress.  I’ve already written about all of the reasons to avoid artificial sweeteners here.

8. Kick soy to the curb.

Soy sucks.  Avoid it like the plaque or else you’ll live with excess estrogen (and weight) forever.

9.  Avoid artificial preservatives.

Avoid preservatives like soy lecithin and artificial preservatives.  Why?  You guessed it-it occupies your liver and blocks estrogen metabolism.

10.  Drink chamomile tea.

Chamomile tea has powerful anti-estrogen properties.  Drink a cup of this or two per day to help support hormonal balance.

That’s all from this Boca Raton blogger today, ladies.  I hope these tips help you feel your best after pregnancy.  It can be tough, and nearly impossible without the right information.  Now you’re in the know on estrogen dominance, and you’ll be well equipped to reach your goals.  Ciao for now!