Healthy Living for Moms with Michelle Diaz

Personal trainers are everywhere, but there are few that really inspire me. Very few.  In fact, there are some trainers who appear to need a personal trainer themselves…..but there is one personal trainer that inspires me.

Meet Michelle Diaz, an elite fitness trainer at BB3 Training Center in Weston, FL.  She walks the walk, talks the talk, and helps women and moms like us get it right.  Even more importantly, she inspires other to stay the course (the hardest part, right?).

I’ll be honest-Michelle kicked my ass up, down, and sideways.  I became so fantastically sweaty when I worked out with her that I suddenly felt the urgent need to leave.  I don’t like failing, especially in front of others, so I pretty much hated going in there to work out where anyone could see me sweat, shake, and tremble while I tried to finish 40,000 reps.  Don’t get me wrong-I’m a hard worker.  I push myself beyond my own limits most of the time, and I like to kick my own ass.  I just like to do that in private, without an audience.

So why did I do these training sessions nearly an hour away from my home?  I felt motivated and inspired by Michelle, and I don’t feel that way often.  There are very few people who inspire me, actually, so it was worth the drive.  I don’t train in person right now, but I know that I could do that if I needed a new workout or some objective body mass measurements.  Or I could work with her online by purchasing one of her 4 week workout plans.  I love her cooking ideas and her philosophy that being prepared is the best route to success. In fact, I cook her turkey meatballs at least twice a week.  She’s a mom who gets it, and I think you’ll like her ideas.

PS-Michelle did not ask me to write this and in fact, has no idea that I’ve done so.  I’ve written this post because I think you’ll benefit from tuning into her blog and videos for some new ideas and inspiration, especially throughout the holidays.  We moms need to stick together and help each other out, and this is a great mom to follow.

That’s all for today from Boca Raton, folks.  I hope you’re taking good care of yourself, setting healthy interpersonal boundaries, and enjoying the holiday season without getting stressed out.  It can be hard to do that (but of course, exercise is almost always the best stress buffer).  Ciao!


  1. Awwww, Lisa, Thank you so much for this! You are amazing and I loved every moment of training with you!

  2. maverickmom says:

    Anytime, Michelle! Thanks for all of the great information, tips, and awesome workouts!! See you soon in January!