The Little Tooth That Broke My Heart Twice

Last week, we found Savanna’s first loose tooth.  We were sitting in the movie theater watching Happy Feet, and she kept pointing to her mouth.  I didn’t know why she was doing this until finally, I took a closer look and realized that she had a loose tooth!

It shouldn’t surprise me that she has a loose tooth.  I mean, she’s 5 years old now.  That’s what happens when kids get older.  I just didn’t expect her to start losing teeth now.  Losing teeth means losing another piece of babyhood and growing up just a little bit more…..and that means that I have to let go a little bit more.

I’m not normally the cheesy, sentimental mom type, but teeth seem to tug on my mommy emotions for some reason.  I remember when Savanna got her first tooth, which happened to be the same one that she’s losing now.  I remember feeling a little bit heartbroken that I would never see that gummy grin again, and now that same tooth is wiggly.  Damned tooth.

I think it was Maria Shriver who said, “motherhood is a constant practice of letting go, starting at birth.”  Those may not have been her exact words, but you get the idea.  I will always remember these words because they touched my heart.  I guess this is the reason we get teary eyed when our kids start kindergarten, spell their name for the first time, or loose their first tooth.

Of course, I probably wouldn’t care quite as much if I had more than one child.  I know that.  I would have less time and attention to devote to each child, and I would probably be too busy to pay much attention to these milestones.  The reality is that I only have one, and these milestones could be my last.  We’ve tried to have another child, but both attempts ended in miscarriage.  After wading through the muddy emotional waters of recovery, I’m just not interested in trying again.

On the other hand, there is a bright side.  I relish every little bit of her childhood, and I appreciate the fact that I can do that.  I guess there are worse things than caring so much about the so called “little things.”  In fact, maybe that’s a good thing.

As Robert Brault once said………..Remember the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.

So many of us spend years chasing the “things” we think we want in life….the big house, the Porsche, the Louie Vuitton bag…… when all we really want is the feeling we think we’ll have when we get that “thing.”  Often times, I think we can find that same feeling in the little things that we tend to ignore.  At this point in my life, I recognize the power of the little things that make me smile……the occasionally perfect weather day marked with brilliant blue skies and cool breezes, the feeling of being deeply understood by another person, or the look of my daughters healthy, flushed cheeks after running in from the playground.  My list goes on and on.

As for the little tooth that got me twice, I think it may be gone by 2012.  At least, we have some running bets that it will.  My guess is December 30th, but Mike has dibs on the 31st.  My hope is that both of us are wrong, and that I can avoid the inevitable a little bit longer.

That’s all from Boca Raton today, folks.  Enjoy the little things in your life, my friend.  They are the stuff of life.  I’m not sure about many things, but I am sure of that.  Ta-ta for now!