Top 10 Savanna Quotes This Week

Last month, I wrote a post on Savanna’s top ten one liners.  She’s full of them, and this is a great way to make sure that I never forget the best.  Enjoy!


10.  Mommy, you know what’s cool about the moon is that you can jump on it.


9.   It’s OK, Mommy.  Sometimes it just takes some tiiiiiiiiiime! (These words spoken to me when I got pissed because a car turned at .005 mph)

8.  When I die, will I go to sleep with God? (I would be lying to you if I said this question didn’t rattle me.  It’s one of those “biggies” in life.)


7.  Your birthday is coming up, Mommy.  You are going to be 105 years old.


6.  Look!  That’s a swamp boat.  I saw it on Swamp People.


5. In 2004, there was a bad hurricado.  I know all about hurricados.


4.   Did you know that poop is black, except when you step in it, it’s yellow?


3. Is Nan the real Mrs. Santa Claus? (NO)  Is Grandaddy the real Santa Claus? (NO!!)  Then why do they call themselves Grandaclause??


2. Miss Sally was sick because she caught a bug in her car when she was driving.

1. I don’t have four events in gymnastics, I have FIVE:  bars, beam, vault, floor, medals.


That’s all from this Boca Raton mom today, folks.  Savanna had her first gymnastics meet yesterday, and she was the youngest one at the entire event by about 6 months.  She did an amazing job and was incredibly brave and focused.  I nearly levitated I was so proud of her, but I guess that’s what we moms do.  Levitate when our kids do cool stuff.  Ciao for now!