Adios, 2011: Fini!

Dear 2011,

You sucked.  If I could choose a year of my life that I would like to Cntrl+Alt+Del, you would be it.  I am so happy to say goodbye to you that I decided to honor your ending with a blog post.

The past several years have been rather “cleansing” years for many people.  Even Dr. Christiane Northrup referred to the years of 2010 and 2011 as the “The Great Colonic.”  As usual, I find great comfort in her words because they validate my own experience.  The years of 2010 and 2011 were full of loss and new realizations, but 2011 has been the Mother Cleanser.

In fact, I could sum up my own life in 2011 with two words: pregnancy and miscarriage. I was pregnant for 6 months of 2011 and recovering from miscarriage for 6 months.  Pregnant, miscarriage, recover.  Pregnant, miscarriage, recover.  Now, finally, I am on the other side of those losses.

We finally, finally killed Bin Laden, and what a great day that was for Americans.  Oprah held her last show, ending her era as the talk show queen.  The NBA finally ended the lockout, Penn State ended the abuse, and we watched as Gaddafi begged for his life before someone else ended it for him.

And then Steve Jobs died.  It’s funny how upset I felt when I learned about his death when I didn’t even know this person.  And yet, I think many of us were a bit heartbroken.  Steve Jobs and Apple represented a such a bright spot in a rather dismal economy.  Jobs expanded and grew Apple at breathtaking speed despite the economical crises, and we could always look to him for innovation and exciting new technology.

I will always remember the thrill of a new product unveiling wherein Jobs presented a beautiful, shiny new Apple device. I wish we could all hear his dramatic flair and characteristic finale one more time, “And one more thing….”.                                    RIP, Steve.    I will always appreciate the fact that I witnessed your brilliance during my lifetime.

Having said that, I am eternally grateful for the greatest blessings in my life, both of which can be summed up with one photo:

I am also grateful for the wonderful family members and friends who supported me over the past year.  If it weren’t for you, 2011, I may not have such tack sharp clarity.  Some friends re-emerged during your reign while others weeded themselves out of my life, but those who remain have my friendship for life.

Why do I share this with you?  I believe that 2012 will mark the start of new beginnings for many people, including myself.  Many of us have experienced a similar “cleansing” phase over the past several years in preparation for the new things that will come into our lives.  I truly think that many people will begin to experience a gradual shift toward those new and better things in 2012.  This is something that I feel intuitively, and I trust that.

And so it is with great relief and gratitude that I bid you farewell, 2o11.  Your heartaches cultivated new depths in my life that can only be filled with good things.  Without you, the new beginnings in 2012 wouldn’t be so sweet.

Welcome, 2012!!!!

That’s all for today, folks.  Speaking of new beginnings, have you heard about the We Move Forward 2012 International Women’s Day event?  This amazing event for women will be held on the beautiful Island of Women (Isla Mujeres) in Mexico March 8 – 10, 2012.  I’ll write more about the significance of this event in my next post.  Ta-ta for now!







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