Demi Moore Smoked “Something”

Demi Moore was reportedly hospitalized this week after friends placed a frantic 911 reporting that she had “smoked something.” Moore allegedly went into convulsions after “acting really hyper” all night, and her publicist later stated that Moore “looks forward to getting healthy.”

I think we can all agree that Demi Moore has been under an unusual amount of stress in past months.  Dealing with an extramarital affair is probably one of the worst forms of rejection that exists, and I have no doubt that the “something” she smoked was an effort to cope with that.  There are better, healthier ways to cope with stress, but the truth is this:  at some point in our lives, we have all chosen to smoke, drink, swallow, say, or do “something” that inevitably made us feel a little bit better.  

In fact, most of us have a personal pattern of unhealthy behaviors that we usually resort to during times of unusual stress.  Some choose substances like alcohol or nicotine while others choose behavioral outlets like overexercising or self harm.  Whatever your past patterns have been, those are usually the same ones that will be tempting for you when life throws a curve ball at your nose.

Just so you know, the healthier ways of coping with stress are just as effective.  It’s the avoidance part that gets us tripped up.  Going for a run or a spin class will do wonders for your stress level, but few people want to deal with the underlying emotional pain that causes it.

Avoiding inevitable emotional pain is rarely a good idea.  In fact, I can’t think of any situation when avoiding emotional pain is a good thing.  At some point, the alcohol, drug, or other “something” wears off and it catches up with us again.  Then, the efforts to avoid those feelings become even more frantic and unhealthy, and family or friends to take drastic measures like dialing 911.

The take home message is this:  make your “something” a healthy choice like exercise and supportive friends.  Eating unhealthy foods, drinking excessively, and using drugs will only make that emotional mountain much higher.

That’s all for today from this Boca Raton mom, folks.  The worst part of this story is the report that Demi Moore was smoking that something with, or in front of, her daughter Rumer.  Big sigh.  May we all have the courage to take our emotional bull by the horns in 2012 and move forward in health.

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