Move Forward in 2012!

Yesterday, I wrote about the “cleansing effects” of 2011 and my belief that 2012 will be a better year for many of us. I happen to think that our lives are defined by various cycles-biological, seasonal, annual, and astronomical cycles.  I have even read that our lives can be broken down into 7 year cycles, which seems to be true in my own life.  As I turn 35, I start a new 7 year cycle, a new year…..and a new Mayan calendar.

Did you know that the Mayan calender will complete it’s 13th cycle soon, beginning another 5125 year cycle?  Pretty powerful stuff.  It seems like we should be celebrating such a monumental new beginning, right?

We are.  In honor of such the new Mayan cycle, there will be a fantastic event for women held on the beautiful Island of Women (Isla Mujeres) in Mexico.  The We Move Forward 2012 is a 3-day International Women’s Day on March 8-10th featuring daily speakers,  new ideas, and a community of like minded women.

Here is a video of this gorgeous island in Mexico.

If you’re interested in taking a vacay, being inspired, and getting away from the daily hamster wheel, you should know about their lowest price promotion.  Those who register between January 1 – 12 will receive a $212 discount off the price of admission.  You can learn more at, or you can enter to win a free trip entirely here.

That’s all for today from this Boca Raton mom, folks.  This seems like the ultimate girl power conference in the ideal location at an amazing price to me.  Who runs the world? Just sayin’.  Check out the site below for more information.  Ciao for now!