The Dirty Dozen Fish | 12 Fish You Should Avoid

You’ve probably heard of the “dirty dozen,” or those fruits and vegetables that you should always buy organic.  These are the produce items that tend to absorb more pesticide and toxins than other fruits, so you should always buy these items from the organic section.  Did you know that there are also about a dozen seafood items you should avoid eating? Continue reading “The Dirty Dozen Fish | 12 Fish You Should Avoid” »

This Explains Everything.

Here is one more reason we can all be glad that we live in the USA:

German Plane Drops Chunks of Shit and Urine

Yes, seriously.

Can you believe that shit?  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  That’s all for today from Boca Raton, folks.  It’s been a long week, and it’s only Tuesday.  More on the reasons why later…..ta-ta for now!

Not Bad for a February Afternoon…


We decided to hit the beach after school yesterday, and I captured three of my favorite things in one photo:  Savanna, beach, beautiful sunny day.  Now you’ll never have to guess why I choose to live in sunny Florida.

She forgot to turn away from the camera like she usually does lately and flashed me a smile instead.  When I saw this picture I wondered, My God, where does the time go? Continue reading “Not Bad for a February Afternoon…” »

I Gave Up Pinworms for Lent.

I have been on high pinworm alert over the last four weeks.  They surfaced in my daughter’s classroom a month ago, and all parents have been forewarned by the school to check our children with a flashlight at night time, for God’s sake.  I am going to be pretty open about the fact that pinworms is something that could potentially push me over the edge.  I am not good with parasites or bugs, nor am I interested in viewing either with a flashlight.

So far, we are cootie free.  HOWEVER.  I am told by those who would know that it takes up to 4 weeks for eggs to hatch, which means that I am left to wait and wonder if the pinworm stork will arrive.  So help me God, all I can think about every time my daughter squirms, sits, or stands is the cooties.  Is that a pinworm?  Why is she swinging her leg like that?  Is she itchy?  Does she have them?  Do I have them?  Am I itchy?   IS THAT A PINWORM ON MY FACE?




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Your Monster-in-Laws | Dysfunction Junction

One of my favorite movies is Meet the Fockers.  It just doesn’t get much funnier, and I am obviously not alone in that opinion.  I think the wide appeal of that movie has to do with the fact that in-law tensions are so common.  Whether it be cultural differences, financial strings, boundary problems, or disapproval of the relationship entirely, most couples experience some tension with in-laws at some point.

If you feel like Greg Focker, this could be your lucky day.  A&E is currently looking for couples who would like to ease the tension with their in-laws for a new documentary series.  The program will focus on helping the couple address the problematic relationship with the help of a professional counselor.  It will take one week to shoot the program, and families who are chosen for this show will be compensated $10,000.  If you are one of those people who doesn’t mind spilling the beans on cable television in effort to 1) settle the problems with those Fockers once and for all and 2) help others with similar problems do the same, perhaps you could be a good fit for the show.

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My Guilty Pleasure, The Bachelor.

Last night was Monday night, which means that I spent significant time watching one of the dumbest reality shows on television:  The Bachelor.  This “reality” dating show couldn’t be further from the reality of real relationships and yet, I watch it anyway.  Not only do I watch this show, I do so gleefully. Delightfully. As if someone were handing me a chocolate fudge sundae and saying, “here, eat this while I give you a foot rub.”

Why, oh why, do we love to watch this show?  Reality shows are like magnified people watching, and people can oh so entertaining.  I am utterly amazed by the stupidity, manipulation, and 100% pure narcissism.  Not only that, this show leaves me feeling ready to renew my vows to my husband every Monday night.  If these single people are the best of the best, then I am fairly certain that I would rather gouge my eyeballs out than be 20-something in the dating world again.

Last night was particularly titillating (pun intended) for those of us who appreciate good smut.  Each week, these girls reveal more shocking layers of their personality dysfunctions than ever before.  Where shall I start?? Continue reading “My Guilty Pleasure, The Bachelor.” »

Who’s Cuter?

Who’s cuter, Ryan Gosling or this Puppy?



Scroll down for answer….








Answer:  Hands down, Ryan Gosling.

That’s all for today from this Boca Raton mom blogger, folks (THAT’S ALL?  THAT’S IT, you ask?  Yes.)  I am  lagging behind today after staying up too late to watch The Bachelor last night.  Ciao for now!