Coffee and Exercise: How to Use Coffee to Benefit Your Training

Coffee. It’s one of our greatest sources of antioxidants these days. The lighter the roast, the higher the antioxidant level. Even better is the growing body of research suggesting that people who drink coffee have decreased risk for depression and various diseases including Alzheimers, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, and some types of cancers.  In fact, it even looks like more is better when it comes to coffee……unless we happen to be talking about exercise and training.


Coffee can make or break your efforts in the box or at the gym. It can supercharge your training goals, or it can curtail your efforts altogether. The key is in the timing. Continue reading “Coffee and Exercise: How to Use Coffee to Benefit Your Training” »

11 Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Diet Sodas Today

Do you drink diet sodas?  Any at all?   Guilty as charged over here.  We keep Pepsi One in the garage refrigerator for pizza night.  Even though I know it isn’t the healthiest choice, this is what I call a “slider habit.”  I slide right back into said habit after enough time goes by that I stop thinking about the negative health effects.


Here are 10 11 reasons that you and I should both avoid diet sodas at all cost.  They are no healthier than regular sodas, and some of what you read here may surprise you. Continue reading “11 Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Diet Sodas Today” »

Gluten Free, Wheat Free, or Grain Free? Your Leaky, Sneaky Gut.

“Gluten free” has become such a buzz phrase these days.  Everyone and her sister is “going gluten free,” except many of those people have no idea what they are doing.  Some people claim the whole “wheat free” diet while others cut out grains altogether.  What’s the difference?  Why should we even care?Glutenfree

Let’s tackle the latter question.  We care because all three of these dietary choices can cause health problems via leaky gut.  I remember when I first heard the phrase, “leaky gut” years ago.  I didn’t really get what this meant, and it reminded me of diarrhea.  I don’t want any part of anything leaking from my gut, nor do I want my guts leaking anywhere.  Over the years, I have begun to understand the tremendous impact that leaky gut has on health and am convinced that gluten is just one of many dietary offenders at the heart of our leakiness.

Leaky Gut 101:  (Skip ahead to Leaky Gut 201 if you already understand the whole leaky gut thing) Continue reading “Gluten Free, Wheat Free, or Grain Free? Your Leaky, Sneaky Gut.” »

Yoga! I Like It.

It all began with CrossFit.  What does CrossFit have to do with yoga, you ask?  Good question.  Anyone who knows me at all is aware that CrossFit and running are my drugs of choice.  CrossFit was the gateway exercise which led me to try yoga.  I like intensity, fast paced environments, adrenaline, and  loud music.  Yoga is the opposite of these things, therefore I would hate it.  Sit in a steamy, hot room while holding yoga poses?  For 75 MINUTES?  No thank you.  I’d rather do something more pleasant, like maybe gouge my eyeballs out with a fork.  Or at least I thought I would….until last month, when I tried the new yoga class at CrossFit.Yoga Continue reading “Yoga! I Like It.” »

A Cool Emotions Infographic | Feelings Not Identified By the English Language

Do you know exactly how you feel at any given moment?  Most people don’t.  Not really.  Most of us use a very limited vocabulary when it comes to naming our emotions. It all boils down to being mad, sad, happy, scared, or jealous, but we experience so many variations of these feelings.

Emotions are like colors in that there are different hues and mixtures of each, which make for an entire emotional “color wheel.”  Are you mad, irritated, or frustrated? Are you happy, thankful, or both?  Are you jealous, or are you envious?  There’s a difference.  The word jealous implies that you wish you had something the other person has while also wishing that person DID NOT have that thing.  The word envious means that you wish you had something another person has while also wishing that the person DID have that thing.

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Study Shows Brain Damage Can Be Reversed in NFL Players

A recent study showed that brain damage can likely be reversed in NFL players, a cohort of athletes with a very high rate of traumatic head injury.  If you don’t think this is a big, big deal, think again.  Traumatic head injury often lies at the root of chronic depression, alcohol and drug abuse, violent behaviors, and even suicide.  Mild concussions and closed head injuries are closely linked with degenerative disease processes like chronic traumatic encephalopathy and even Alzheimer’s Disease.  To make the matter even more far reaching, it has been estimated that up to 85% of homeless people suffer from an undiagnosed closed head injury.

Image Courtesy of UCLA  and

Image Courtesy of UCLA and


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