11 Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Diet Sodas Today

Do you drink diet sodas?  Any at all?   Guilty as charged over here.  We keep Pepsi One in the garage refrigerator for pizza night.  Even though I know it isn’t the healthiest choice, this is what I call a “slider habit.”  I slide right back into said habit after enough time goes by that I stop thinking about the negative health effects.


Here are 10 11 reasons that you and I should both avoid diet sodas at all cost.  They are no healthier than regular sodas, and some of what you read here may surprise you.

1.  Diet sodas are packed with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).  If you don’t know what those are by now, Google it.  Bad, bad, bad.  Should you have the choice between ingesting a hairy locust and a GMO, choose the hairy locust.

2.  Diet sodas are correlated with depression.  Researchers are “unclear” on the reasons for this, but I’m not sure why they would be unclear since aspartame has clearly been shown to reduce serotonin levels.  Serotonin is the main currency for your happy mood, satiation, healthy sleep, sex drive, feelings of safety, and about a thousand other things.  Low serotonin=sad, hungry, fatty, swagger-less, nervous Nelly, insomniac you.  Not good.

3.  Diet sodas can make you as fat as regular sodas can.  How frightening.  Here we are drinking sucralose in the  interest of reducing sugar, only to find out that sucralose causes glucose surges equivalent to regular soda.  Happy Liquid Halloween.

4.  Diet sodas cans are lined with BPA.  Moms go to so much trouble these days making sure to buy plastic products that are “BPA Free,” only to unknowingly ingest BPA via diet soda cans.  EW.

5.  Diet sodas are linked with weight gain.  WHAT?!  HOW?  The artificial sweeteners interfere with healthy gut bacteria.  In short, your gut bacteria kind of “eats” the artificial sweeteners and leaves a leftover product floating around in your gut.  These (short chain fatty acids) interfere with your satiety signals, thereby making you feel less full and hungry more often.  Hello, Patty McFatty.

6.  Diet sodas trigger inflammation.  As you just read, the sugar alcohols interfere with healthy gut bacteria, causing tiny little holes to be punched into the digestive lining.  Little particles of foods, toxins, and whatever else is floating around in there can escape and cause inflammatory responses.  Inflammation=the basis for degenerative disease processes and aging.

7.  Diet sodas are linked with increased chance of Diabetes Type II, Metabolic Disease, and kidney disease.  This likely happens by way of inflammation.  See number 6 above.

8.  Diet soda is bad for concentration and decision making.  The researchers hypothesized that this was due to fluctuating glucose levels, but I happen to think it may be related to the serotonin issue.  Serotonin is also involved in concentration and decision making, and problems with both are associated with depression.  See #2 above.

9.  Diet sodas are linked with preterm births.  YIKES.

10. Artificial sweeteners are not filtered out by wastewater plants and are ending up in our lakes, rivers, and streams.  Water filters do not remove these sweeteners, so these chemicals eventually wind up in our drinking water.  Caveat:  aspartame biodegrades pretty quickly, so the sweeteners referred to here are sucralose, saccharin, and acesulfame.  If your water tastes sweeter than usual, you now know why.  Yummy.

11.  Last, but certainly not least:  diet sodas containing both aspartame and caffeine are especially bad.  The aspartame-caffeine combo causes your neurons to over fire, thereby creating a “buzz.”  In fact, those neurons fire off until they become exhausted and die.  I already wrote about addiction to diet sodas here.  This is the reason so many people become kind of addicted to diet sodas.  Protect your brain cells and all of the other neurons located in your Central Nervous System (CNS) and drink water or urine.  Both are probably healthier.

That’s all from South Florida today, folks.  You can also read 13 Reasons to Avoid Artificial Sweeteners here.  Am I saying that one diet soda will make or break your health?  Not at all.  Having one or two a day can probably do that, though.  As for me and my house, we will serve water, tea, and probably too much chocolate milk.  Ciao.