How to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge | Women, Genetics, and Hormones

Are you competitive?  Have you ever wondered what makes some of us more competitive than others?  Why do some people wilt in the face of competition while others thrive, setting new PRs and breaking records in the process?  If you happen to be involved with CrossFit, you know that the CrossFit Open is going on right now.  I am doing the Open workouts for sport and fun, but I have friends who are competing for a spot in the Southeast Regionals.  In thinking about all of this, I began to wonder why men are often more competitive than women, and what makes some women better at competing than others.


There are a variety of factors that come together to create a competitive spirit but for now, I’m going to focus on the genetic factors, hormones, and the ways in which these factors affect women differently from men in competition.  Chromosomes, dopamine, and estrogen.  That’s the name of the game here. Continue reading “How to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge | Women, Genetics, and Hormones” »