Study Suggests Only 5% Wash Hands Correctly. Yuck.

Wash your hands.  We have all heard this phrase at least a million times.  I think we all know that one of the most effective ways to avoid contact with germs is to wash our hands and yet, a recent study revealed that very few people wash their hands correctly.  hand-washing

Apparently, very few of us wash our hands for long enough to do the job.  We walk our kids to the sink, sing “Happy Birthday” or whatever hand washing song comes to mind, and walk out feeling satisfied to have ridded ourselves of hand cooties.  Unfortunately, we probably spent too little time at the sink.

So how long should you wash your hands?  Get ready for the shock of your life.  We are supposed to sing the birthday song TWICE.  The whole “sing the song once” thing was a sham.  You have to sing it TWICE.

If your hand washing habits are anything like mine, you’ve probably washed your hands for about half the amount of time necessary to kill the bad guys.

Think of the people involved in the food industry, health care, and child care who may unknowingly make this mistake.  Are they singing the birthday song twice?  Or is this one of the reasons that hospital acquired infections cause around 100,000 deaths per year?

Are you singing the birthday song twice?  After reading this article, I am.

That’s all from Lighthouse Point today, folks.  The summer brought huge schedule changes, which means that I now work out around 4:30PM while Savanna is at gymnastics.  I find it very difficult to work out in the afternoon because I have always worked out in the mornings.  To be blunt, I would rather gouge my eyeballs out than work out in the summer heat at 4:30PM.  However, training during a different time of day is yet another way to create some cross training effect and muscle confusion.  This one put me flat on my back yesterday (in front of an industrial sized fan):

AMRAP in 20 minutes

10 Power Snatches 65/95

15 Toes 2 Bar

400M Run

(Thanks, Hardcore!)