Body Piercings and Fat Loss

Did you know that removal of body piercings can trigger fat loss?  Body piercings can cause the body to hang onto a excess abdominal fat.  This is because body piercings tend to raise cortisol levels, introduce metal toxins into the system, and interfere with immune and endocrine functioning.


Body piercings in the naval area can cause women to hang onto abdominal fat.  Removing a naval piercing can trigger rapid fat loss in that area.  If you have a “belly ring” and can’t seem to find your six pack, try removing your piercing and see what happens.

This also applies to body piercings which fall along the “high energy meridian” of the body like the nose, tongue, naval, and wherever else that vertical line travels.  You get my drift.

If you made the conventional choice and got the lower lobes of your ears pierced like I did, don’t worry.  According to the study of acupuncturists, the lower lobes of the ears are a low energy area of the body.

Overall, the idea that body piercings can prevent fat loss is very interesting because it illustrates the point that diet and exercise are not 100% of the equation.  Hormonal barriers like cortisol and toxic metals can prevent you from reaching your health goals and create tremendous frustration in the long run.

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