EmWave™ | The Best Health Technology on the Face of the Planet

Do you ever wish that you could enter “the flow” or the “athlete zone?”  You probably already know this, but the flow is that magical place where you lose time and activity becomes effortless.  What would it be like to live in that zone?  If you could train yourself to get into the flow and stay there all day long, what would your life look like?  What would you be able to do that you never thought possible?

You CAN do that.  There is a cutting edge piece of technology available to you today that can help you train yourself to enter the zone.  Are you familiar with the EmWave™?  If not, you will be in a few minutes.  Read on, my friend.

Five years ago, I purchased a biofeedback tool called the EmWave for my private practice.  The EmWave is a cutting edge software program created by the Institute of HeartMath, the world renowned leader in mind body research.  Few people had heard of it at the time, but the research behind the EmWave was solid.  Fascinating.  Exciting.  Exponentially valuable.  I installed it on my desktop computer and used it to help clients alleviate a variety of problems related to anxiety including social anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders, trauma, and grief.  It also helped clients with performance anxiety related to academic testing and sports performance, and it can even be used to help children improve the symptoms associated with ADHD.

I have used the EmWave ever since then to help me actualize my potential each day and to help me become a unicorn.

Numerous professional athletes use the EmWave to improve performance, especially in high pressure situations.  NFL players, pro golfers, tennis stars, and NBA players are all known to use the EmWave to maintain performance instead of choking under pressure (think Billy Cundiff in the Patriots vs Ravens game last season).


More recently, the EmWave is being used to help veterans, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and paramedics alleviate the symptoms of PTSD anxiety.  This is very exciting, especially since this cohort of people deserve the very best help after delivering the same to our citizens.

So What Does It Do?

The EmWave measures heart rate variability.  This is quite different from your pulse rate.  Heart rate variability is the time between the beats of your heart and the degree to which that lapse varies.  Here’s the thing:

We are no longer sure that your brain is really in charge anymore.  Yes, your brain sends signals to your body, but it looks like your heart actually sends signals to your brain and vice versa.  Your heart rate variability levels send specific energy signals to your brain, which influence your thoughts, emotions, and neuroendocrine activity.  For real.  Your heart might just be the boss here.

The EmWave allows you to do something called coherence training.  Coherence is a term used by scientists to describe a highly efficient physiological state in which the nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune systems are working efficiently and harmoniously. Negative emotions and stress create incoherence in our heart rhythms.  Positive emotions send send signals to the brain that reduce stress, improve brain function, hormonal balance, immune response, coordination and mental clarity.

You basically reprogram old neural patterns, thereby changing your baseline level of functioning.  Read that sentence twice because it’s worth repeating.

Higher levels of coherence improve the following:

  • hormonal balance  (lower cortisol and norepinephrine, higher DHEA)
  • immune functioning (forget cold and flu season)
  • mental acuity  (no more word finding problems, YES!!)
  • cognitive discernment  (decisions, decisions!)
  • emotional balance   (you can stop acting psycho now)
  • physical energy levels  (no naps needed!)
  • nervous system balance (meaning no dominant sympathetic nervous system action)

Here is a detailed, comprehensive explanation of coherence and heart rate variability for you by the Institute of HeartMath:  Read more about coherence and the EmWave


Who Can Use It?

Almost anyone over the age of 3.  This is an excellent tool for helping small children and adolescents decrease anxiety and increase overall stress hardiness.

Here are the age appropriate exercises for small children and adolescents:

Shift and Shine Technique (Ages 3-6)

HeartShift Exercise (Ages 7-11)

Quick Coherence (Ages 12-18)

Adult Quick Coherence

*You will need the hardware and the Inner Balance app to utilize these exercises.


Why Would I Use the EmWave?

Um, why wouldn’t you?  You don’t want to miss your field post, do you?











These days, you can use the exact same technology for a fraction of the cost it once was….isn’t that amazing?  The EmWave technology is available on smart phones and tablets.  First, you download the EmWave software for FREE.  It’s available on an app called Inner Balance in iTunes.  Put it on your smart phone or your iPad, or both.  The hardware is available for $99 with the Institute of Heartmath.  You literally have the same technology at your fingertips as professional athletes for $99.


That’s all for today from Lighthouse Point, folks.  The EmWave is like the new cod liver oil.  It fixes everything.  Use it to help yourself, your spouse, your kids, your neighbor, your dog.  Put it in your pocket and take it with you.  Spread it on your toast in the morning.  Don’t you want to become a unicorn?  If you want to read the research on anything I have said in this post, please visit heartmath.org.  You can simply search for any terms on that site and pull up a well organized list of empirical research on any of these topics.  As always, no one is paying me or giving me free, awesome anything to tell you this stuff.  I am doing so because I love sharing this stuff and also, I just did some coherence training.  Peace out.