Sausage and Eggs All Week Long | Paleo Mornings Bites

One of the toughest meals of the day for us is breakfast.  Every weekday morning is like rush hour, as I’m sure it is for you.  Mike generally runs in the door from CrossFit, showers, and runs back out to work within a 15 minute time frame.  If there’s nothing ready to grab for breakfast, he grabs….well, nothing really.  This isn’t a great way to recover after training, nor is it the optimal way to start your day.

Here is a fast, easy way to have a Paleo style breakfast……sausage and eggs!  These were a fast favorite at our house, and I try to make at least a dozen of these puppies once a week.  Pop them in the toaster oven before your shower and they’ll be ready by the time either of us runs out of the door!  These will also help you get into a state of ketosis, which I happen to think is an optimal state of functioning.


Sausage and Egg Bites

  • Your choice of sausage  (I buy organic pork sausage from whole foods OR reduced fat turkey sausage from Publix depending on wherever I go that week)
  • 7-8 eggs (or 3 eggs and 3/4 cup egg whites)
  • Bacon crumbles (optional)
  • salt and pepper

Is that the shortest recipe list or what?  The best foods are often the simplest.  If you are vegetarian, don’t worry.  You can try this recipe using some type of crumbled meat substitute instead.

  1. Beat the eggs or egg mixture in a bowl.  Add salt and pepper to taste and set aside.
  2. Get your sausage out.  Use a muffin pan to shape the sausage into a cup shape.
  3. Pour enough egg mixture into each sausage “cup” to fill.  If you’re using bacon, now is the time to sprinkle the crumbles on top.
  4. Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes or until the tops turn slightly golden.
  5. Ding!  Remove, cool, and enjoy.  Refrigerate the rest for later.
  6. Be sure to check the expiration date for your sausage and don’t keep them around for any longer than that because salmonella sucks.

These never last long at our house because Mike loves them.  The next time you’re in the kitchen making dinner, you can multi task and make these on the side.  If you’re a guy who likes sausage and eggs for breakfast, you can make these on your own.  It’s easy, fast, and super tasty!

That’s all for today from Lighthouse Point, folks.  Easter has come and gone, and summer is on the way.  Spring is here, the days are getting longer, and our chemistries change with the season.  At this time of year, our melatonin levels usually decrease while our serotonin levels go up.  Our luteinizing hormones often peak at this time of year, which can mean higher levels of testosterone and estrogen, too.  People with Seasonal Affective problems generally begin to feel a bit better.  What does that really mean for you?  Roll with it!  This is a great time to make positive changes, try new ideas, and do new things!  If you have an idea that’s been floating around in your head, now is the time to take the initiative and move forward with it.  Harness the energy of Spring to refine the areas of your life that need it.  After all, that’s what this blog is all about:  refinement.  Getting better in every area of your life each day.  Good luck!  Ciao for now.