I don’t do cleanse programs or diets because they don’t work for me.  I always feel ravenous, miserable, and downright hangry.  Funny thing is, those exact same programs usually promise a hunger free experience.  Riiiiggghhhhtt.  And I’m going to fly my pet unicorn to Tahiti tomorrow.

I make an effort to eat clean about 90% of the time.  By “clean,” I mean gluten free, dairy free, high veggie, high protein, preferably organic food choices.  And plenty of it.  I also carry plenty of healthy snacks in my purse to avoid the whole hangry thing (which is why I have a large purse).  However,  I have a little secret to tell you.  They aren’t all for me, my friend.  Yes, a few are for Savanna, but most are for my husband.  Hangry

My husband is prone to being THE hangriest person I have ever known.  I’ve run out of purse snacks a time or two, and that was a big mistake.  We generally get to dinner in time to avoid this costly error, but I’ve slipped up a few times.  The longer this guy has to wait, the worse it gets for all of us.


Sort of hangry

                       Sort of hangry



       Hangry on the boat.  Grrr.


Really fucking hangry.

            Really fucking hangry.

I think we can all agree that hangriness is the worst.  Luckily, it’s a quick fix.  Snacks are OK, but a huge meal is a better fix for him.  Case in point.

After Thanksgiving.

  After Thanksgiving meal.

By the way, I think the vast majority of hangry people are in Disney World.  I used to wonder why parents looked so unhappy and angry leaving the parks, but now I know.  They’re all exhausted and hangry after a long day of lines and parades, and that’s a dangerous combination.  Check out this lady as she photobombs these girls.  She’s so hangry that she has to leave Epcot NOW.

Hangry in the Parks.

Should have packed snacks

So why do some of us choose to diet, cleanse, and detox our way to misery (the exception here is intermittent fasting, which can have some real benefits)?  Probably because we overindulge and wind up feeling lousy.

I occasionally have days when I feel a little “meh.”  Maybe I ate too many veggie chips, picked too many fries off of my husband’s plate, or overindulged in our favorite chocolate chip cookies (still gluten and dairy free) several days in a row. I’m just feeling a little bloated and not on my game.  You get it.  Instead of resorting to a “program” wherein I drink smoothies and eat air, I simply eat cleaner for a few days.

Snacks are one thing, but meal planning can get boring.  Here is are some of my favorite recipes for Buffalo Cauliflower and another for Cauliflower mashed potatoes.  Or you can even make your own protein bars which taste like Quest bars.   My all time favorite healthy dessert recipe is chocolate chip cheesecake.  It’s gluten free and very low sugar….and delicious.

Here is a new one I’m going to try this weekend-an excellent chopped veggie salad recipe from YuriElkaim.com.  He has an excellent blog on heath and fitness, and he keeps it real.  I think this recipe is worth the share because it’s a satiating salad with exponential health benefits.  It also looks easy to make and keep it in your refrigerator.  After all, preparation is always key when you’re looking to avoid impulsive decisions.  Here it is-enjoy!  

That’s all for today from Lighthouse Points, folks.  I’ve seen a Facebook trend wherein people are changing their profile picture to superheroes to raise awareness on pediatric cancers.  If you live in South Florida and would like to be even more proactive, check this out.  Lord and Taylor in Mizner park is having a charity day on October 3rd to support local cancer non-profit organizations.  If you are in the area, you can shop at discounted prices and give back to support these organizations.  That sounds like a win-win to me!  See you there.

October 3 in Mizner Park Boca Raton

October 3 in Mizner Park
                               Boca Raton