The 20/20/20 Medicine Ball Workout | Workout Diaries #2

For those of us who work out on a regular basis, it can get……well, boring.  I constantly change my routine to stay motivated!  Here is a workout that I do almost every week on my own at the gym. The 20/20/20 routine consists of 20 minutes treadmill, 20 minute WOD, and 20 minute steady state cardio on the stairmill.  For the WOD portion, you need a medicine ball of any weight that you choose.  I use the 15.4 lb ball, which makes for a good workout.

20 minute Run/Jog/Intervals

Run, jog, or do springs for 20 minutes. I run about 2.5 miles to warm up and get myself motivated.

Run, jog, or do springs for 20 minutes. I run about 2.5 miles to warm up and get myself motivated.



5 Rounds (or as many you can do in 20 minutes)

20 Wall Balls

20 Forward Lunges w Oblique Twist (10 each leg)

20 Squats w Medicine Ball

20 Oblique Crunches

20 Medicine Ball Push Ups

Find a corner where you can focus!  Pick any size medicine ball that works for you.  I use the 15.4 lb ball, which gives me a good workout.  No break in between rounds-your “break” is the floor work!    Here is Round 2 for me today….unfortunately, it doesn’t go by this fast!

The medicine ball pushups (MB PUs) are not shown in the video above, so here they are again.  These are tough, especially on the last two rounds.  Make sure to keep good form throughout.  If you can’t do these, modify with real push ups.  If you can’t do those, try modified push ups instead.  For your entertainment, here are the last 10 reps of medicine ball push ups on Round 5 for me.

The struggle is REAL, folks.


Last Leg:  20 Minutes Stairmill (I do Level 8-10 for steady state cardio)

Stairmill is no big deal until you’ve done the first 40 minutes of this work out.  Keep going-don’t stop!

img_0682There you have it!  The 20/20/20 staple workout will deliver a full hour of intensity.  You can modify this to fit your needs.  If you can’t run, then, jog or even walk at a brisk pace for the first 20 minutes.  You can also replace running with rowing.  If 15.4 lbs feels too heavy, you can use a 5 lb medicine ball to start.  If you don’t have stairs, jog again or row.  Just stick to the 20/20/20 for the full effect!  I hope this workout pulls you through on a day when you feel bored, unmotivated, or in a gym with little equipment.  All you need is balls.

That’s all from sunny Florida today, folks.  Have you tried Weezie’s Gluten Free Cafe on Commercial Blvd?  The entire menu is gluten free and fantastic.  It’s great to see a local restaurant offer such a variety of gluten free choices, and the people who work there are super nice.  Their breakfast menu rocks-try the BLT!  Ciao for now!