Hi!  I’m Lisa Benton, and this is my blog.  I write about all things health and some things motherhood.  As a Clinical Psychologist, I once ran a successful private practice where I helped women feel better in my office.  Now, I’m a mom who hopes to help you feel your best here.  I love CrossFit, Starbucks, running, learning, and hanging out with my family and friends.  I believe that exercise has magical powers, and I love to help people actualize their potential in life.  Maybe that makes me a healthologist.





The Longer Story for Those Who Want to Know

I grew up with my parents and younger sister in Florence, SC, a smaller city located 70 miles west of Myrtle Beach.  My dad taught me to love reading through positive association with pancakes. On Saturday mornings, he took me to the a breakfast dive called the Eat More for pancakes, followed by a trip to the library or B. Dalton (remember that place?).  Sometimes, he would buy me all of the books I could possibly hold.  The positive association trick must have worked because thanks to him, I have always been a voracious reader.

When I was 5 years old, I asked my mom to have a baby so that I could have a sister.  And just like that, she appeared (or so it seemed to me at the time).


My sister and I, Circa 1050 BC.

I attended public high school and pretty much hated it.  At the end of my Junior year, I toured Wofford College and knew it was the place for me.  In fact, I only applied to one college. Thank you, Wofford!!!   Every now and then, I still dream that I am sitting at the Kappa Delta table in Bill May Cafeteria.  I majored in Psychology and was probably one of the few that did so with the intention of becoming a Clinical Psychologist.  During my sophomore year, I started to exercise to lose a few pizza pounds and discovered the magic of exercise.



Wofford College is one of my happy               places. Go Terriers!


Next stop, graduate school in sunny South Florida.  I was accepted to the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at Nova Southeastern University.  Skeptical, I packed everything I owned and drove down to Ft. Lauderdale by myself.  Culture shock hit, my classes were full of older adults, and I knew no one…… until I met the most fabulous friends of my life.  You know who you are. We studied on the beach, took spontaneous trips to Key West, and hung out on A1A.  Good times.

During my 2nd year there, I met Mike.  It was a happenstance encounter on Rush Street.  Though he was quite drunk and mistakenly called me “Linda,” we hit it off fast.  Two years later, we got hitched in Jamaica (oddly, I have never smoked pot in my life).  Every now and then, someone mistakenly calls me Linda and I think fondly of Mike.  We have been happily married for 14 years now, and I feel lucky to have married my best friend.

Mike and Linda

I graduated with a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, and we moved back to SC.  Savanna was born in 2006, and I had no idea how much becoming a mother would change my life.  What really surprised me was the fact that preschool registration occurs in February.  WHO KNEW??!!

A visual summary of                     2006-2008

While living in SC, I ran a clinical practice, and Mike was in real estate development and sales.  The recession hit, and we decided to make some big changes.  After six years, one baby, 3 dogs, and 457 residential moves, we finally decided to move back to sunny South Florida for good.  Mike is an experienced real estate investor, and I am a mom with a license to practice Clinical Psychology in my pocket.

Back where it all began….FLORIDA!

Our daughter, Savanna, is one of my most favorite people in the world.  If I could have picked any kid on the planet, I would have picked her.  She’s a rockstar athlete, and I like hanging out with her because she is such a cool, smart, athletic, funny kid.  I’ve lost enough in my life to know what I have, and I treasure the time I get to spend with her.

DSC_6351 - Version 3

My heart.


We have a dog and a rabbit.  Rocky is a 6 lb Yorkie, and Bella is a 15 pound Flemish Giant, with the operative word being “giant.”  Note the size difference below.


Bella and Rocky

They’re called Flemish Giants for a good reason.


I love Fitness, Starbucks, sunny days, running, and CrossFit.  I think CrossFit can change your life if you’re willing to try it.  My pet peeves are long lines, mediocrity, lukewarm coffee, and negative people.


Beat the Streets

I’m a maverick with regards to my approach to health.  My goal is to live well until I am 100 years old.  That’s right-I plan to be a centenarian and feel great until then.  I like to stay on top of cutting edge information and share that with you.  After all, your level of health and life satisfaction are only as good as your information.  The better information you have, the more empowered you will be to make positive changes.  Maverick Mom offers new ways of thinking about old problems, cutting edge information, and novel approaches to living better.  It only takes ONE piece of new information to change your life, and I hope that you find that here.  Nothing artificial.

Are you still reading this?!  Alas, I bring you maverickmom.com.  Cheers!