2 Minute Lunch Ideas | Salmon Lettuce Boats

Do you eat lunch?  Or do you snack throughout the day?  I’m guilty of the latter.


Salmon Lettuce Wraps
      A Healthy Lunch in 2 Minutes!

Here’s a fast, healthy lunch idea that you can make at home in less than 2 minutes.  Seriously, 2 minutes.

Maybe less.

These are tasty, fast, fresh, and healthy.  Make sure to buy the wild salmon in a can-not the farm raised.  Groders.

Open the can and mix the salmon with a TBS of Bolthouse Farms Creamy Roasted Garlic Dressing (or something similar).

Spoon into lettuce boats.

End of recipe.

Easy salmon lettuce wraps in 2 minutes!

You’ll get your Omegas without the nasty carbs, dairy, or gluten.  Bon apetite!

That’s all from this fitness freak today, folks.  Exercise is my behavioral medicine-what’s yours?  That is an important question to ask because the behavioral medicine we pick can be really great…..or really, really bad.  I’ll talk more about this later.  Ciao!



I don’t do cleanse programs or diets because they don’t work for me.  I always feel ravenous, miserable, and downright hangry.  Funny thing is, those exact same programs usually promise a hunger free experience.  Riiiiggghhhhtt.  And I’m going to fly my pet unicorn to Tahiti tomorrow.

I make an effort to eat clean about 90% of the time.  By “clean,” I mean gluten free, dairy free, high veggie, high protein, preferably organic food choices.  And plenty of it.  I also carry plenty of healthy snacks in my purse to avoid the whole hangry thing (which is why I have a large purse).  However,  I have a little secret to tell you.  They aren’t all for me, my friend.  Yes, a few are for Savanna, but most are for my husband.  Hangry Continue reading “Hangry.” »

Gluten Free, Healthy Chocolate Chip Blondies with Sea Salt | YES, PLEASE.

Friends, prepare yourselves.  This may be the best recipe ever posted on the internet on MaverickMom.com, so go ahead and preheat your oven to 350 degrees.  These chocolate chip blondies with sea salt are so decadent and easy to make.  Bonus:  they are insanely guilt free.  In fact, I feel strongly that these could change your life.

Chocolate Chip Blondies Meme


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Choose Grass Fed Beef!

A few weeks ago, Mike and I had dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse, one of the many premier steak houses around these parts.  Morton’s, Ruth Chris, New York Prime, Capital Grill….they are all a dime a dozen.  I love the ambiance and the fact that the steak is still sizzling when it arrives at the table.  However, these restaurants share one commonality that chaps me every time: they serve overpriced, grain fed beef.

The menu description is almost always the same, eloquent description of their unusually high quality, prime cuts of USDA approved, aged beef.  GRAIN fed beef.  Top quality grade, aged for 23-28 days, no marbling, beef in the top 2% of all beef anywhere in the world.  Grain fed beef, that is.

Here’s the deal.  There is nothing superior about grain fed beef.  Grass fed beef trumps grain fed beef with regards to nutritional profile and taste.  No matter how you slice, dice, sear, or butter it up, grass fed wins every time.  Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying grass fed meats whenever possible.

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