Ten Reasons to Quit Dieting Forever | Females, Hormones, and Intermittent Fasting

Have you ever been on a diet?  I’m sure you have.  Haven’t we all?  The older I get, the more convinced I become that dieting will soon be an archaic term.  They never work in the long run and nearly always do more harm than good.
The effects are different in women.

In fact, females are more sensitive to the physical stress imposed by dieting and Intermittent Fasting (IF).  We experience problems with circadian rhythm, hormonal balance, and adrenal fatigue pretty quickly.  If you’ve ever laid awake at night feeling rather jacked up and hungry or “wired but tired,” you know what I’m talking about here.

Here are ten big reasons to quit dieting and start thinking differently about getting healthier.  Believe me, your adrenals, ovaries, and brain will all thank you for it.

1.  Increased ghrelin.   Severe food restriction (consuming 500-800 calories per day) causes an increase in ghrelin, better known as the “hungry hormone.”  This hormone is the reason for your ravenous drive through the Chic-Fil-A window after an exam, a sleepless night, or an emotionally stressful week. WORSE:  This effect does not end when you stop dieting.  It can go on for up to a year after you stop food restriction. Continue reading “Ten Reasons to Quit Dieting Forever | Females, Hormones, and Intermittent Fasting” »

It Only Takes One New Piece of Information to Change Your Life.

This week, MaverickMom.com was featured in the Boca Raton Observer April 2013 issue in a story about mom bloggers.  It was a real honor to be included in this article, and I would like to thank The Boca Raton Observer for their consideration and time.  Here is a screen shot of the article at a glance:

The Boca Raton Observer April 2013 Women's Issue

The Boca Raton Observer
April 2013
Women’s Issue


My purpose is to empower people, particularly women, with health related information.  The more information you have, the better life gets.

It only takes one new piece of information to change your entire life.  ONE.  Often times, the biggest problems in life can be solved with one small change.  We usually assume that bigger problems call for bigger, more complicated solutions, but this isn’t true at all.   One seemingly small solution can radically change your entire life, and new solutions arise from new information.  My hope is that you find some of that here, and that you use it to make positive changes in your life and in your health.

That’s all from Lighthouse Point for today, folks.  I am both honored and humbled that you have visited MaverickMom.com and hope that you will return soon.  Tomorrow, I swear I will tell you all of the reasons I eat butter in the mornings.  Swear.


How to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge | Women, Genetics, and Hormones

Are you competitive?  Have you ever wondered what makes some of us more competitive than others?  Why do some people wilt in the face of competition while others thrive, setting new PRs and breaking records in the process?  If you happen to be involved with CrossFit, you know that the CrossFit Open is going on right now.  I am doing the Open workouts for sport and fun, but I have friends who are competing for a spot in the Southeast Regionals.  In thinking about all of this, I began to wonder why men are often more competitive than women, and what makes some women better at competing than others.


There are a variety of factors that come together to create a competitive spirit but for now, I’m going to focus on the genetic factors, hormones, and the ways in which these factors affect women differently from men in competition.  Chromosomes, dopamine, and estrogen.  That’s the name of the game here. Continue reading “How to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge | Women, Genetics, and Hormones” »

Coffee and Exercise: How to Use Coffee to Benefit Your Training

Coffee. It’s one of our greatest sources of antioxidants these days. The lighter the roast, the higher the antioxidant level. Even better is the growing body of research suggesting that people who drink coffee have decreased risk for depression and various diseases including Alzheimers, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, and some types of cancers.  In fact, it even looks like more is better when it comes to coffee……unless we happen to be talking about exercise and training.


Coffee can make or break your efforts in the box or at the gym. It can supercharge your training goals, or it can curtail your efforts altogether. The key is in the timing. Continue reading “Coffee and Exercise: How to Use Coffee to Benefit Your Training” »

Yoga! I Like It.

It all began with CrossFit.  What does CrossFit have to do with yoga, you ask?  Good question.  Anyone who knows me at all is aware that CrossFit and running are my drugs of choice.  CrossFit was the gateway exercise which led me to try yoga.  I like intensity, fast paced environments, adrenaline, and  loud music.  Yoga is the opposite of these things, therefore I would hate it.  Sit in a steamy, hot room while holding yoga poses?  For 75 MINUTES?  No thank you.  I’d rather do something more pleasant, like maybe gouge my eyeballs out with a fork.  Or at least I thought I would….until last month, when I tried the new yoga class at CrossFit.Yoga Continue reading “Yoga! I Like It.” »

Study Shows Brain Damage Can Be Reversed in NFL Players

A recent study showed that brain damage can likely be reversed in NFL players, a cohort of athletes with a very high rate of traumatic head injury.  If you don’t think this is a big, big deal, think again.  Traumatic head injury often lies at the root of chronic depression, alcohol and drug abuse, violent behaviors, and even suicide.  Mild concussions and closed head injuries are closely linked with degenerative disease processes like chronic traumatic encephalopathy and even Alzheimer’s Disease.  To make the matter even more far reaching, it has been estimated that up to 85% of homeless people suffer from an undiagnosed closed head injury.

Image Courtesy of UCLA  and FoxNews.com.

Image Courtesy of UCLA and FoxNews.com


Continue reading “Study Shows Brain Damage Can Be Reversed in NFL Players” »

Addiction and Exercise: Treatment Center or Fitness Center?

This is an updated version of my original post on the topic of addiction and exercise.  Exercise is a cost effective, health promoting, sustainable treatment component of an effective recovery plan.  Here are a few facts and some pointers to keep in mind if you are looking to recovery from an addiction or maintain recovery in the long run.

Are you trying to quit smoking or stop drinking alcohol?  Are you recovering from a drug addiction?  Do you struggle with prescription drug abuse or a gambling problem?  The best approach to addiction recovery may have been right under our noses all along:  exercise.  What you don’t know about this topic might just surprise you. Continue reading “Addiction and Exercise: Treatment Center or Fitness Center?” »

A Page Full of Mommy Awesomeness

I was in total awe when I found this page of amazing pregnant women who have stayed committed to Crossfit throughout pregnancy.  It’s true that a picture speaks a thousand words, and that’s why I don’t have to say much more about this.  Check out these inspiring women who aren’t afraid to to live like lions.  Thanks to the Face of Fitness for capturing the essence of true warriors with these amazing photos.

Amazing Fit Pregnancy Photos

Stress Awareness Month | How to Fix Adrenal Fatigue

Do you feel tired, yet wired?  Do have trouble falling asleep at night or have trouble sleeping through the night?  Are you putting on pounds around that dreaded abdominal area?  Are you a mom who runs around feeling overwhelmed on most days?  If you answered yes to any of these, join the crowd and by the way, welcome to the Adrenal Fatigue Club.

Most of us understand the connection between chronic stress and cortisol.  Long term, emotional stress increases cortisol levels and generally wreaks havoc on our neuroendocrine and immune systems, making weight loss virtually impossible.  In fact, elevated cortisol triggers inflammation at the cellular level, and guess what?  Inflammation at the cellular level is where all of the nine degenerative disease processes begin.  Strike 1.

Over time, elevated cortisol compromises our thyroid functioning and hormonal balance.  This can make any perimenopausal woman feel like she is losing her mind while sitting in a heated oven.  Chronically elevated cortisol triggers thyroid dysfunction, which is also an underlying cause of panic disorder, anxiety, and depression (for which people are often misdiagnosed and inappropriately treated with psychiatric meds).  Strikes 2, 3, and 4. Continue reading “Stress Awareness Month | How to Fix Adrenal Fatigue” »

My Workout With Tae Bo Legend, Billy Blanks

Last Saturday was the best Saturday ever in the history of Saturdays.  The perfection started with the weather that morning, which was surprisingly fantastic.  It was one of those cloudless, brilliant blue sky days that appeared after the forecast had predicted clouds and rain.  Funny how that happens around here.

I had invited a few friends to join me at LifeTime Fitness in Boca Raton for a special event with the Tae Bo legend himself, Billy Blanks.  He is soon releasing a new Tae Bo DVD series, and LifeTime Fitness partnered with him to promote the program.

photo.JPG Continue reading “My Workout With Tae Bo Legend, Billy Blanks” »