Workout Diaries #5 | Ropes, Worms, and WTFs

Here’s a new workout for you to spice up your week!  You will need:  battle ropes and a kettle bell (KB).  I learned to use the battle ropes when I worked out with my brother in law, who is a specialist in battle ropes.  If you don’t have these necessities, find a fitness center that does or you can purchase the items on Amazon for reasonable cost.  We own 2″ battle ropes, but I find the 1.5″ ropes at the gym much easier to hold and manipulate during the workout.  You’ll get a great cardio workout while working your upper body!

Start with jogging or running for 20-30 minutes, either outdoors or inside on a treadmill.  Get your heart rate to 70-75% max (220 minus your age=your max), which for me is around 140-145.  Today, I ran at a 7.0-8.0 pace for 30 minutes with an HR of 140-150.  Run at whatever pace brings your heart rate to 70-75% of your max to get warmed up and start sweating.

Just start running and make sure you sweat.

And now we begin……

                                The real work!

4 Rounds

20 KB swings (35#)

40 Walking Lunges (20 each side)

5 Walk to Floors (WTF)

5 Worms

Battle Ropes (BR) Alternating Wave, normal grip, 30 seconds

BR Alternating Wave, reverse grip, 30 seconds

BR Big Wave, 30 seconds

40 Walking Lunges (20 each side)

Tired yet?  Do it again 3 more times for a total of 4 rounds

Don’t know how to do some of these exercises?  Don’t worry!  I demonstrated a few of the lesser kn0wn movements for you here:  the KB swing, the WTF, the worm, and the BR movements.  Just click on the link for a pop up video.

KB:  KB swings

WTF and Worm:  WTF (Walk to Floor)


Battle Ropes:  Small alternating waves normal grip, small alternating waves reverse grip, big wave smackdowns.  Do each exercise for 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

                                Battle Ropes

That’s all for today from this Fort Lauderdale mom, folks.  Well, kind of.  Have you tried Madison Reed hair color?  You should.  I did last week.  LOVE. IT.  The backstory:  I typically highlighted my own roots at home because I don’t have the patience to visit a salon every 2 weeks.  The nasty chemical toxins in hair colors are horrifying, but it’s nearly impossible to find a healthier hair color option…..until now.  I heard about Madison Reed recently and decided to give it a try!

SO GLAD I DID.  From the moment I purchased my first hair color, Madison Reed was a seamless customer experience.  Their product arrived SO perfectly packaged that I was reminded of Steve Jobs and his perfectionistic Apple packaging.  The box arrived filled with goodies just for me!

What I LOVE about Madison Reed:

  1.  Healthy!  No chemicals.  No parabens.  Nothing bad being placed ever so close to my brain.
  2. No damage!  My hair feels (and smells) wonderful after using Madison Reed.  It’s not going to look fried later.
  3. It arrives dependably every 2 weeks!  I get an email telling me that my Madison Reed hair color (ANCONA!) is on the way, and sure enough it is.  I receive it just in time to cover my silver roots.
  4. Beautiful color!  Ancona delivers vibrant color whereas previous products gave me a bleached look.  LOVE.  IT.

Madison Reed Ancona

  1. Excellent customer service.  Madison Reed must be full of fabulous people because they act like they want my business.  I like that!  In fact, I tweeted out my response to my first Madison Reed hair color experience, and her his what I got back.  Good people.

  1. Other products:  the shampoo and conditioner contain no harsh chemicals, sulfates, or parabens, and they SMELL amazing. I’m going to try the hair gloss next time to refresh my color.  I’ll keep you posted!

That really IS all for today.  Ciao for now!