Intuition, Gut Feelings, and Faith in the Unknown | The Hubble Telescope

What do you think about the concepts of faith and intuition?  Do you trust your intuition?  Or do you override your gut feelings?  Do you refuse to have faith in that which you can not see with your own eyes?  Are you often afraid of the unknown, or the unpredictable?  Most of us answer yes to the latter questions at some point in our lives (and some answer yes their entire lives).

In 1996, astronomers made a risky decision and decided to point the Hubble telescope, the most powerful telescope ever created by humans, at an empty patch of sky.  At that time, this was a boring, dark area of the solar system which presumably contained nothing.  It was dark and empty.  Using such a powerful piece of technology for DAYS at a time to view nothing at all was a brave decision.  After all, why waste such precious technology on nothing?  There were more vast areas of the universe to explore.

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Gluten Free, Wheat Free, or Grain Free? Your Leaky, Sneaky Gut.

“Gluten free” has become such a buzz phrase these days.  Everyone and her sister is “going gluten free,” except many of those people have no idea what they are doing.  Some people claim the whole “wheat free” diet while others cut out grains altogether.  What’s the difference?  Why should we even care?Glutenfree

Let’s tackle the latter question.  We care because all three of these dietary choices can cause health problems via leaky gut.  I remember when I first heard the phrase, “leaky gut” years ago.  I didn’t really get what this meant, and it reminded me of diarrhea.  I don’t want any part of anything leaking from my gut, nor do I want my guts leaking anywhere.  Over the years, I have begun to understand the tremendous impact that leaky gut has on health and am convinced that gluten is just one of many dietary offenders at the heart of our leakiness.

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Top 12 Daily Supplements

Yesterday, I shared my favorite post work out (or anytime) recovery shake recipe. If you have a favorite shake idea, post it in the comment section and I’ll try it out.

Another question I am often asked is “What supplements do you take?”

Here is my list of daily supplements, along with a few bonus supplements I take when the need arises.

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My Perfect Post Workout (or Anytime) Shake Recipe

I often get asked about post workout shakes, and I have a great recipe that I have used over the years.  This is the shake that I make nearly every morning, and I have added a few ingredients over the past few months as I’ve learned more about new supplements.  This is the perfect shake to make any time, but especially after a workout.  Get your blender out and get ready for a great chocolate shake!

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And We All Ordered A Trenta

Check out this clever Starbucks infographic at  I consider this proof that those baristas are sneaking something more than caffeine in Starbucks coffee.  Sneaky baristas.

(Click the image or here to see full version)

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To Start Your Weekend Right

I love this song-I could listen to it 100 times a day.  It taps into the sappy part of my brain that makes me think about Channing Tatum my husband.

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How to Be Happy

I am reposting this article from Thanksgiving because this topic is so important.  So many people use antidepressant medications before learning about the power of our behaviors to create healthy, happy moods.  If you haven’t read this yet, enjoy-if you have, it’s worth the read again.  Ciao!

I was talking with one of my girlfriends yesterday, and she told me that most of her friends use antidepressant or anxiety medications.  I was amazed to hear that one of her friends uses both Cymbalta and Adderall, and is trying to discontinue using her Cymbalta.  Yikes.  We all know someone who uses this type of medication, but how many people really understand how these work and what we can do on our own to create similar changes in mood related neurotransmitters?

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Meditation and Fried Lizards

Do you ever feel run down? Burnt out?  How do you break the cycle of chronic stress and burnout?  Most people choose unhealthy ways to relax when feeling fried-think overeating, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, and just about any bad habit or addiction out there.  These are all the result of normal people trying to feel better.  What can you do that will help you feel more restored, rested, and less run down?

Meditation is becoming widely recognized as one of the top ways to relax, restore central nervous system balance, and even live a longer.  Meditating is one of several primary ways to elicit the relaxation response, a function of the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system.  What is that?  Why does it matter?   Continue reading “Meditation and Fried Lizards” »

The Energy of Focused Thought (Just 68 seconds!)

We are all comprised of energy.  Each of us is surrounded by a 3-5 ft electromagnetic field of energy created by the heart, thoughts, and emotions.  In fact, your heart generates 60 times more magnetic energy than your brain. The next generation of iPods are predicted to be powered by the energy transmitted by your heart-no batteries necessary.  Talk about amazing!

Your heart isn’t the only part of your body that generates a significant amount of energy-did you know that your thoughts create a measurable amount of energy, too?  Here is a neat demonstration by Martha Beck which demonstrates and proves that thoughts create real, measurable energy.  This is pretty neat…..

Martha Beck-Mind Over Matter

According to Esther Hicks (Abraham), the energy created by our thoughts is exponentially greater than the energy created by our behaviors.  How much thought, you ask?  68 seconds of focused thought creates such an incredible amount of energy that it has the same effect as 20,000 hours of behavior. That effect doubles at 36 seconds, and it multiplies exponentially around the 68 second mark.  Let’s take that in for a moment-a focused thought or image has such an incredible amount of energy that it has the same effect as more than 40,000 hours of behavior.

Most people think about the same things over and over again, which can be a good thing if you happen to have focused, positive thought patterns.  Most of us don’t-approximately 75-85% of our thoughts are the same each day, and the majority of these tend to be negative.  You see where all of this is going, right?  Negative thoughts create your reality.  However, you can CHOOSE your thoughts with a little diligent practice.

Your thoughts are a choice, and they become an automatic habit-just like driving your car or riding a bike.  After awhile we tend to become less aware of our thought habits.   Here are the best tips for doing just that: Continue reading “The Energy of Focused Thought (Just 68 seconds!)” »

Six Tips for Organizing Your Photographs

Here is a great guest post on how to organize the old photos you have lying around the house.  There is a real connection between clutter in your home and energy-just ask any fung shui specialist!  Every time I clean out a room or the garage, I experience a major, unexpected life change (usually positive!).  Since I have an entire drawer full of old photos that I accrued prior to the digital photo era, perhaps I’ll use a few of these tips to clear the clutter and create an energy shift.

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