13 Reasons to Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Whenever we go out to dinner, I can’t help but notice that the sweetener packets still consist of all three colors:  pink, blue, yellow. Here are my top 13 reasons you should avoid all of them.

1. Aspartame (Nutrasweet) can deplete your serotonin levels via phenylalanine, an amino acid. Serotonin helps you stay happy and satiated and when depleted, we feel anxious, irritable, sad, and sleepless.  We also tend to crave carbohydrates.   Unless you want to feel pissed off and fat at the same time, avoid aspartame. Continue reading “13 Reasons to Avoid Artificial Sweeteners” »

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby! Women and Exercise in the 1800s

Here is a fabulous video of women exercising over the past 100 years that was sent to me by a reader-thank you!

Thank goodness our clothing choices have improved so much over the past century-these poor women must have felt so restricted, not to mention hot.  Though we tend to exercise much differently these days, some of these women did get it right with their moves!  Notice the women doing pushups, pullups, and lunges in various ways throughout this video.  Good work, ladies!  (Read More Here)

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How to See Jesus on the Treadmill

Do you ever run on the treadmill?  I do-treadmill running saved my sore knees after years of pounding on the asphalt.  I have enjoyed running since college, and I’ve written about the neurochemical effects of running here.  Despite the benefits associated with running, too much can increase cortisol levels, and treadmill running can get pretty boring.

Here is a grueling treadmill workout that will spice up your routine, compliments of Bryan Francis at StupidGymShit.com. This is a very short, time effective workout that that will burn some serious fat without causing the usual cortisol squirt associated with distance running.  Find this workout here and enjoy.  Just be prepared to see Jesus around the 3rd interval. Continue reading “How to See Jesus on the Treadmill” »

A Fast, Healthy Meal Idea for Busy Moms

Here is a great recipe for a fast, healthy meal tonight.  These spinach turkey meatballs are high protein, low fat, yet tasty-a tough combination to find.  I whipped these up with some gluten free pasta, stir fry veggies, and gluten free breadsticks (for husband) tonight, and everyone was happy.  You can find the recipe at Michelle Marie’s fitness and nutrition blog for moms:

Michelle Marie’s Recipe for Spinach Turkey Meatballs

Protein rich foods are important for obvious reasons:  optimal weight, insulin control, muscle building, etc.  Did you know that protein rich foods are also crucial for mood?  Yep.  Protein breaks down into the amino acids that are necessary for building mood related neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine.  Kids who don’t get enough protein (as with the typical diet high in refined carbohydrates and trans fats) can easily become deficient in both of these neurotransmitters.  Start your day off with a good dose of healthy protein and fats for optimal brain functioning, healthy mood, and optimal weight.

That’s all for today from hot, muggy, Boca Raton, folks.  If I could summarize the theme of our weekend, it would be “The Birthday Party Marathon.”  I can’t get the “Happy Birthday” tune out of my head, and I’m certain that my daughter has ingested enough refined sugar and food coloring to hold her until oh, Christmas of 2020.  Thank goodness for spinach protein meatballs…..

How to Beat the Winter Blues

It’s February.  This is the exact time of year when many people start to feel the winter blues.   The holiday season has come and gone, and Spring isn’t quite here yet.  Do you feel a little “blah” or even down?  Do you find yourself reaching for the chips, or craving carbs during the winter?  Do you sleep more or feel tired more often?

You are not alone, my friend.  I’ve been there, as have most of us who live in areas with seasonal changes.  You can fix this with a few simple, daily steps this winter.

During the winter time, our days get much shorter and we get less sunlight.  This is the time of year when most people’s Vitamin D3 levels reach it’s lowest levels of the year.  Since Vitamin D3 is closely related to serotonin production, this means that some people begin to feel down, anxious, or just plain terrible.

Here are some easy things that you can do to put a little more color in your Winter and bring Spring a little closer!
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What Are Your Hidden Food Allergies?

Do you have a problem losing weight, frequent headaches, or other chronic problems like eczema?  Perhaps you have hidden food allergies that are causing these problems.  Did you know that you probably have hidden food allergies that cause inflammation? Most of us do.

Inflammation is caused by lifestyle factors like nicotine, poor nutrition, chronic stress, and sedentary lifestyle.  Inflammation is the root cause of degenerative disease and aging.  Your hidden food allergies cause inflammation, tax your immune system, and use your reservoir of stem cells.  Thus, it makes sense to learn about your food allergies and avoid those foods if you’d like to live well for a long time. Continue reading “What Are Your Hidden Food Allergies?” »

The Skinny on Fats: Are You a Snackwell?

Are you a member of the Snackwell generation?  You know, those of us who endured the low fat dieting craze during the early to mid 1990s?  We were all taught that “low fat” is the best way to lose weight and decrease your risk for heart disease, but most of us just wanted to lose a few?  We ate low fat, thought low fat, and avoided anything moderate to high fat.  The Snackwell line was launched, along with other “fat free” junk, and we made it our mission to eat “fat free.” In the process, most of us wound up eating highly refined, sugar packed, overly processed foods in packages.

We became Snackwells. Continue reading “The Skinny on Fats: Are You a Snackwell?” »

Ruby Update

You may remember Ruby, our overweight Goldendoodle.  I wrote this post about her slight weight problem and hypothyroid about 8 weeks ago.

Since then, Ruby lost about 15+ pounds and looks quite svelte.  To complete her transition, we shaved her to compliment the new look (and help her stay cool this summer). Continue reading “Ruby Update” »

Broccoli in Moderation

We often think of broccoli as a superfood, one of those perfectly healthy foods.  It’s packed full of fiber and antioxidants, with none of those trans fats or refined sugars.  However, broccoli may not be healthy for the reasons you might think. Continue reading “Broccoli in Moderation” »

Children, Anxiety, and Weight

Childhood obesity rates are so high these days that even Michelle Obama has jumped on board the mission to help kids stay fit. Current statistics estimate these rates to be around 20%, and the results of a new Childhood Obesity Task Force report revealed the following:

  • One in three children, ages 2-19 have been reported as being overweight
  • Childhood obesity causes 112,000 deaths every year
  • Childhood obesity costs approximately 3 billion dollars/year in direct medical costs

The maverick mom would like to reveal the following points related to childhood obesity: Continue reading “Children, Anxiety, and Weight” »