The First Guy Who Broke My Daughter’s Heart Was Santa Claus.

It all started with the Tooth Fairy, which is where I think this sequelae often begins.  Savanna lost a tooth last week and expected a magical visit.  Yours truly forgot.  It was Friday night, and I fell asleep after pizza and Homeland.  Also, I was over the Tooth Fairy thing.

Hear me out.  My daughter is 10 years old and had written a list of requests:  money, a stuffed animal, and a necklace.  Maybe something else, I can’t be sure.

Over the past 10 years,  I’ve done it all-the money, tooth fairy letters, even pictures and gifts.  My glitter is fading.  It’s time to retire my wand, so I forgot.  Probably selectively.

The next day, she walked into my closet a little disappointed and let me know that SHE KNOWS the deal.

Her:  It’s you, I know it is.  There is no such thing as the Tooth Fairy.  It was you!  

Me:  Maybe you should say thank you then!  

*Her expression was a mixture of triumph and slight disappointment.  No tears.  Had she been deeply disappointed, I would’ve kept the magic alive.*

That was the end of our conversation, at least for several hours.  We had a basketball game, a big victory, and a party in between…..but her wheels began turning at dinner and spiraled into heartbreak by bedtime.

Dinner Conversation:

Her:  The Easter Bunny isn’t real, either.  There’s no giant bunny who hops around the world on Easter.  That’s so stupid.

Me:  You are right.

Her:  But Santa Claus, he’s real, right?


Mike:  Of course Santa Claus is real!

Me:  Yes!  Santa is real.  Who wants dessert?

Fast forward an hour.


Her:  MOMMY.  Is there anything else I need to know?  Just tell me.  Is Santa real?  Or is it you?

Me:  ………..real!

Her:  MOMMY.  TELL ME if you are lying to me.  Just TELL ME.

Me:  Savanna.  Yes, it’s me.  I am Santa.  I love you.

Friends, my daughter fell apart.  The kid was devastated.  She cried and told me how disappointed and angry she felt that we had “lied” to her all these years.  I worked hard to create magic for her, and she believed all of it.

I’d like to tell you I made the right decision by answering her question that night, but I’m not sure.  Looking back, I think she was actually asking me for reassurance-not the truth.  She wanted me to reassure her that Santa WAS real.

Nowadays, Christmas traditions are SO much more than Santa.  We have the Elf for 30 days, the Santa Tracker, Santa videos tailored for our children, Santa Claus phone calls, and even photo shopped Santa photos.  It’s easy to for children to fully believe with such proof.  When we create lots of magic, there’s lots to lose.

Of course, I explained to her that Santa Claus is a symbol of joy, anticipation, love, and generosity, and that we use Santa to teach children to believe in things not seen.  I told her that we have to believe in the things we can not see with our eyes-love, faith, hope, God, and even talent at times.  I talked about all the things I had always planned on saying.  Is that what she wanted to hear?  Nope.  She wanted Santa and the whole sleigh.

It felt like a death had occurred at our house that night.  I held her hand while she fell asleep in tears.  Then, I walked downstairs feeling like an asshole because maybe the magical Christmas I created over the past 10 years was just a setup for disappointment.



You may think, “How is she 10 and still believing in Santa?”  She fully believed because she trusted me and believed everything we told her.  Let’s just say I worked hard to protect this whole thing with personalized videos, phone calls, and letters.  The works.  It was too much.  Had I realized that her Santa Claus beliefs would ultimately end in grave disappointment, I would have toned it down.  Alot.  The less magical stuff we create, the less there is to lose later.


Sometimes, parenting is really hard.  I never saw this one coming at all.  I went to bed questioning myself about everything related to parenting and the holidays.  Mothering is a perpetual exercise in letting go so that our children can grow.  We let go a little with a full day of Kindergarten.  We let go a little with the first sleepover.  There are hundreds of little “letting go” events that we have to endure for the best of our children, and I find that hard at times.  Now, we let go of an old belief that brought big joy.

That’s all from this South Florida mom blogger today, folks.  Last night when I tucked Savanna in,  I shut her bedroom door and heard her yell, “Good night, Santa!”  And I knew she was OK.  We’re all OK, but I could use a break from Christmas until next year.  Ciao for now!  Love, Santa.



Dear Flag Burners.

Dear Flag Burners,
Meet my late grandfather, J Givens Young. He decided to enlist with the US Army to fight for our country as one of Patton’s foot soldiers. His best friend, Miles Hunter, was a fighter pilot who introduced him to his younger sister-my late grandmother, Florence. They both fought for our country, and Miles was killed in action. My grandfather married Florence and went back to Germany to storm and free Auschwitz. When the war ended, he came home to a safe room and therapy puppies South Carolina and worked his ass off building an empire in the pecan industry.  He was not perfect, but he was a hard working badass who fought for your right to voice your opinion.
My paternal grandfather, Richard A Gilbert, Sr, was a Dartmouth scholar who was slated to swim in the 1940 Olympics when they were cancelled due to WWII. He later went to fight in the Korean War. When he came home, my grandfather went on to become a top executive with McDonnell Douglas and Mead Paper Corporation. He was a hard working scholar athlete who made great sacrifices to protect your freedom of speech.  
My brother in law has dedicated his career to protecting our country. My sister and her family continue to make sacrifices every day to protect your constitutional freedoms.  
I am repulsed and disgusted by the sight of you, flag burners.  You disgrace the many men and women who have given their lives to protect your freedom.  You are a coddled generation with your safe rooms, puppies, and delayed exams.  You are abusing your right to free speech with your disgraceful, destructive behaviors.  You may or may not like the election results, but we live in a democracy.  Thanks to veterans like my grandfathers, you have the right to voice your opinion and peacefully protest.  You do not have the right to break the law or start a civil war in our country.
Try getting a job, or maybe enlisting in the military.  
Oh, and grow the fuck up.

Yours Truly,

The Granddaughter of Two US Veterans
Sister in Law of a Cool Warrior
US Patriot, Regardless of Election Outcome
PS:  The only time the United States flag is lowered close to the ground is when it covers a casket.

Do You Know Your Vitamin D3 Levels?

What are your Vitamin D3 levels, my friend?  Do you know?  Do you get regular blood work done to measure important biomarkers?  If not, why not?  You can have blood work done in any consumer based lab these days.  No doctor’s prescription needed.  Blood work is the easiest, most accessible ways to measure important markers in the interest of staying well.

We refer to Vitamin D as the “sunshine vitamin” because our body is able to “download” Vitamin D3 from the sun.  Of course, this gets challenging during the winter season due to less sun exposure.  People with darker skin synthesize less Vitamin D3 from the sun and are prone to lower levels.  We make less of Vitamin D3 as we get older, so age is also a factor.

Vitamin D3 functions more like a hormone than a vitamin.  It is a precursor to serotonin, the all important mood/sleep/safety neurotransmitter.  Low Vitamin D3 can lead to low serotonin, hence Seasonal Depression.  None of this is new-I wrote about this topic years ago-but it is really important, and I’m surprised most people do not monitor their Vitamin D3 levels.  The results from a study conducted in 2007 suggested that optimal levels of Vitamin D3 and calcium are correlated with a 77% decreased risk for cancer.  “Optimal” was defined as 40ng/mL or above in this study, but later research has suggested even higher levels are optimal.  I keep my levels between 80 and 90 ng/mL.  Continue reading “Do You Know Your Vitamin D3 Levels?” »

Sausage and Eggs All Week Long | Paleo Mornings Bites

One of the toughest meals of the day for us is breakfast.  Every weekday morning is like rush hour, as I’m sure it is for you.  Mike generally runs in the door from CrossFit, showers, and runs back out to work within a 15 minute time frame.  If there’s nothing ready to grab for breakfast, he grabs….well, nothing really.  This isn’t a great way to recover after training, nor is it the optimal way to start your day.

Here is a fast, easy way to have a Paleo style breakfast……sausage and eggs!  These were a fast favorite at our house, and I try to make at least a dozen of these puppies once a week.  Pop them in the toaster oven before your shower and they’ll be ready by the time either of us runs out of the door!  These will also help you get into a state of ketosis, which I happen to think is an optimal state of functioning.


Continue reading “Sausage and Eggs All Week Long | Paleo Mornings Bites” »

The 7 Steps to Preventing Cold and Flu | Halloween Happenings

It’s cold and flu “season.”  You know what that means, right?  Kids go back to school, the holiday season begins,and people start stuffing themselves with candy corns.  Kids generally obliterate their immune systems by eating an entire bag of candy in one night, and next week will be the busiest week of the year in most pediatricians’ offices.  Happy Halloween!

Whether or not you choose to get the flu shot (don’t get me started), there are a few things you can do whenever you feel like you might be coming down with the cold or flu to stay healthy.  I have been following this plan for a year now and have managed to stay healthy.  No colds, no flu, no nothing.  Whenever I begin to feel a hint of the “kiddie crud,” I follow this plan to avoid getting sick.

I found this information in an excellent article written by Dr. Bill Falloon, head of Life Extension Foundation, in his article on how to avoid the influenza.  You can find further explanation and the related references in his article.  He hasn’t been sick in over 25 years, so I’m doing what he’s doing.  colds and flu 2 Continue reading “The 7 Steps to Preventing Cold and Flu | Halloween Happenings” »

Study Suggests Only 5% Wash Hands Correctly. Yuck.

Wash your hands.  We have all heard this phrase at least a million times.  I think we all know that one of the most effective ways to avoid contact with germs is to wash our hands and yet, a recent study revealed that very few people wash their hands correctly.  hand-washing

Apparently, very few of us wash our hands for long enough to do the job.  We walk our kids to the sink, sing “Happy Birthday” or whatever hand washing song comes to mind, and walk out feeling satisfied to have ridded ourselves of hand cooties.  Unfortunately, we probably spent too little time at the sink. Continue reading “Study Suggests Only 5% Wash Hands Correctly. Yuck.” »

Body Piercings and Fat Loss

Did you know that removal of body piercings can trigger fat loss?  Body piercings can cause the body to hang onto a excess abdominal fat.  This is because body piercings tend to raise cortisol levels, introduce metal toxins into the system, and interfere with immune and endocrine functioning.


Body piercings in the naval area can cause women to hang onto abdominal fat.  Removing a naval piercing can trigger rapid fat loss in that area.  If you have a “belly ring” and can’t seem to find your six pack, try removing your piercing and see what happens.

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Alcoholism vs. Sugar Addiction | Is Sugar Really the Problem?

I have written quite a bit on this blog, and much of it is lost in the archives from years ago.  I am reposting this article because alcohol abuse is a common problem, and many people don’t understand the connection between alcohol abuse and sugar addiction……so here you go.  Eat your heart out, Google Panda.

All of us know those moms who like to throw a few back.  Some of them openly have a few libations and the closet drinkers carry their own sippy cups around town.  Motherhood can certainly drive us to irrational behaviors, but it’s not the best idea to abuse alcohol.  Before you have your next 12 noon happy hour, take a look at this information.

Recent research has conveyed that sugar may be just as addictive as heroine. If you consider yourself a recovering alcoholic, a functional alcoholic, or just a heavy drinker who has always struggled with occasional alcohol abuse, you may want to look at the possibility that you may actually be addicted to sugar.

Most people don’t realize that alcohol is actually the quickest acting sugar on the brain. In short, a “buzz” is actually a sugar high. The first research on sugar addiction in 2001 was conducted at Princeton University, and scientists have come so far since then that research is now focusing on how to address the problem (not whether or not it exists).

Sugar tends to affect the same part of the brain that heroine, cocaine, and other hard drugs do when a person uses them. The two main neurotransmitters involved with sugar addiction are serotonin and beta endorphins. We think of serotonin as the depression hormone, but it’s also responsible for concentration, attention, and impulse control. When your serotonin levels are lower, you may become less able to say “no.” Beta endorphins are that feel good chemical that is released after exercise, but this neurotransmitter is also associated with self esteem. Those with lower levels of beta endorphins who have excellent insight and are well accomplished might still have great difficulty with self esteem.

Sugar tends to increase both of these important neurotransmitters, thereby altering the brain’s biochemistry and correcting the deficiencies that may have been there. In other words, there are many people who are self medicating for specific deficiencies with sugar, and they are likely addicted to sugary foods for this reason. Even sugar replacements such as Splenda tend to trigger cravings for sweet foods, thereby feeding the sugar addiction.

An excellent 7 step program for changing the brain’s biochemistry and effectively treating sugar addiction is the book, Potatoes, Not Prozaac. In this book, the author outlines and describes these seven steps, which have been highly effective in helping people considered “treatment resistant” in other treatment centers. I would recommend referring to this book as an excellent resource if you believe any of this information applies to you. You may find that all along, your problem was actually sugar addiction, not alcohol abuse and depression.

The Top 7 Fitness Apps You Should Have on Your SmartPhone

Here is a great post on the best 7 fitness apps you should have on your smart phone.  I like this list because these are highly usable, very useful apps that serve a real purpose instead of being redundant, copy cat, semi-useful crap sitting on your phone.  No reason to rewrite the goods here-this list is well outlined here:

Best 7 Fitness Apps for your Smartphone from I AM NOW.  I AM NOW is a cutting edge fitness apparel line that rocks, and you’ll probably agree when you see their new Crossfit tanks, t-shirts, board shorts, and burnout styles.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

WOD to This!

I can not get enough of this song.  LOVE. IT.  Mr. 305 does it again with this great track.  What is it with new music during the Spring?  There are so many great new songs out right now. Continue reading “WOD to This!” »