Post Spring Break Post


Yes, I know that it has been too long since I posted here.  Spring Break happened, and Savanna was out of school for 10 day.  My web page seemed to get Sandboxed by Google temporarily, thank you spammy comments.  Then, my grandfather died.

Here is a rundown of the highlights I want to share with you today.

1.  Funniest Blog Post I Have Ever Read.  Thank you, Beastmodal.  I am adding you to my blog roll today.

2.  I am addicted to this song.  Love.

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This Explains Everything.

Here is one more reason we can all be glad that we live in the USA:

German Plane Drops Chunks of Shit and Urine

Yes, seriously.

Can you believe that shit?  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  That’s all for today from Boca Raton, folks.  It’s been a long week, and it’s only Tuesday.  More on the reasons why later…..ta-ta for now!

My Guilty Pleasure, The Bachelor.

Last night was Monday night, which means that I spent significant time watching one of the dumbest reality shows on television:  The Bachelor.  This “reality” dating show couldn’t be further from the reality of real relationships and yet, I watch it anyway.  Not only do I watch this show, I do so gleefully. Delightfully. As if someone were handing me a chocolate fudge sundae and saying, “here, eat this while I give you a foot rub.”

Why, oh why, do we love to watch this show?  Reality shows are like magnified people watching, and people can oh so entertaining.  I am utterly amazed by the stupidity, manipulation, and 100% pure narcissism.  Not only that, this show leaves me feeling ready to renew my vows to my husband every Monday night.  If these single people are the best of the best, then I am fairly certain that I would rather gouge my eyeballs out than be 20-something in the dating world again.

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Who’s Cuter?

Who’s cuter, Ryan Gosling or this Puppy?



Scroll down for answer….








Answer:  Hands down, Ryan Gosling.

That’s all for today from this Boca Raton mom blogger, folks (THAT’S ALL?  THAT’S IT, you ask?  Yes.)  I am  lagging behind today after staying up too late to watch The Bachelor last night.  Ciao for now!


10 Things I Found While Surfing the Net This AM…

I just ran across a few interesting sites this morning. Here they are:

1.  Here is a fantastic gallery of SOPA Blackout Protest screens from

Gallery of SOPA Blackout Protest Screens

2.  Eight million people looked up their elected officials contact information last week during the Wikipedia blackout.  Yowsers!

Eight million pissed off people

3.  I knew it was you the whole time, gluten.  Damn Stacy for making those pita chips.

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How to Stop SOPA/PIPA

You may or may not be aware of the fact that your internet freedom is currently being threatened by pending legislation.  The SOPA/PIPA legislation would censor the information you are able to access over the internet, and powerhouse sites like Craigs List and Wikipedia would immediately be taken down.  Small business sites and sites like who post information that may conflict with corporate profits could immediately be taken down as well.  The intentions of this bill are to stop internet piracy, which is a noble effort.  However, this legislation is not the answer because it will cripple our ability to share information.  Can you imagine an internet without Craigs List, Wikipedia, or some of your favorite blogs?  It could happen.

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Move Forward in 2012!

Yesterday, I wrote about the “cleansing effects” of 2011 and my belief that 2012 will be a better year for many of us. I happen to think that our lives are defined by various cycles-biological, seasonal, annual, and astronomical cycles.  I have even read that our lives can be broken down into 7 year cycles, which seems to be true in my own life.  As I turn 35, I start a new 7 year cycle, a new year…..and a new Mayan calendar.

Did you know that the Mayan calender will complete it’s 13th cycle soon, beginning another 5125 year cycle?  Pretty powerful stuff.  It seems like we should be celebrating such a monumental new beginning, right? Continue reading “Move Forward in 2012!” »

10 Things to Love About the Holidays

10.  The Funny Target Lady

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Top 10 Tips for Losing Pregnancy Weight

Losing weight after pregnancy or miscarriage can be extremely tough.  In my own experience, losing weight after miscarriage has been much harder than it was after pregnancy.  No matter what I did, how consistent I was, or how hard I tried, I could not lose the last 6 pounds after miscarriage. I’ve come to the conclusion that this has a lot to do with excess estrogen.

Your liver is responsible for metabolizing estrogen, and it can’t do this job it’s busy getting rid of other crap we put into our bodies.  Therefore, the excess estrogen in your system after pregnancy or miscarriage continues to float around and make fat loss virtually impossible. Once I made a few simple, yet powerful adjustments to my lifestyle, the weight finally came off.  These changes had nothing to do with exercise or caloric deficit and everything to do with helping my body do some estrogen detox.

Here are a few less well known tips for losing weight after miscarriage  and pregnancy that can help lower your estrogen levels and make your efforts more effective.

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A Few Quotes From This Week I Want to Remember….

Here are a few one liners from Savanna this week that I never want to forget.  Lately, she shares the most random, hilarious thoughts that I want to remember forever.  Here are my top five:

5.  I was a cheetah on the playground today because I ran the very fastest.

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