MaverickMom has been featured in The Boca Raton Observer, the award winning magazine in South Florida.  The following article was featured in the April Women’s Issue, 2013.

Thanks to Patty Daniels, the Boca Raton photographer who did my photo shoot for the article.


For sure they do.

Boca Observer, Page 76

Page 77

The Boca Raton Observer April 2013 Women's Issue

The Boca Raton Observer
Page 78


Maverick Mom has also been featured in the South Carolina State news and several other media outlets.  You can read the article on here:

Florence Native–The Maverick Mom–Featured in Award Winning South Florida Magazine


Most recently, Maverick Mom was featured in Summer 2013 issue of Wofford Today.  The online edition should be available soon.


Thanks to all of you who have supported by visiting, reading, and passing along my posts over the years.  It has been your support and encouragement that led me to continue blogging here.