The Secret Power of Your Heart

“A dream can be a powerful thing, especially when it comes from the heart.”

-Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket really knew what he was talking about in his day.  In fact, your heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in your body, producing the largest electromagnetic field of any of your organs.  The interaction between your emotions, heart, and physical health is far more profound than you may know.  Thanks to research in quantum physics, energy psychology, and the Institute of Heart Math, we are beginning to understand the interaction between emotions, heart, physical health, and energy fields.

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How to Sleep Better

Yesterday, I posted about the main reasons that many people have sleep problems:  chronic stress and the resulting vitamin deficiencies. Apparently, you’re not alone in your sleep problems-here is a great tweet from yesterday:

“When I can’t sleep, nothing is better than some chamomile tea with a teaspoon of honey and a lemon wedge and one or two lumps of Rohypnol.”  @BarrettChase

My thoughts exactly, Chase.  Let’s get into some more healthy approaches to sleeping well.

Here is an excellent post by Charles Poliquin on the best ways to get a good night’s sleep.  Before I leave you to Charles, I’d like to offer the following not so generic sleep tips: Continue reading “How to Sleep Better” »

What Are Your Hidden Food Allergies?

Do you have a problem losing weight, frequent headaches, or other chronic problems like eczema?  Perhaps you have hidden food allergies that are causing these problems.  Did you know that you probably have hidden food allergies that cause inflammation? Most of us do.

Inflammation is caused by lifestyle factors like nicotine, poor nutrition, chronic stress, and sedentary lifestyle.  Inflammation is the root cause of degenerative disease and aging.  Your hidden food allergies cause inflammation, tax your immune system, and use your reservoir of stem cells.  Thus, it makes sense to learn about your food allergies and avoid those foods if you’d like to live well for a long time. Continue reading “What Are Your Hidden Food Allergies?” »

The Skinny on Fats: Are You a Snackwell?

Are you a member of the Snackwell generation?  You know, those of us who endured the low fat dieting craze during the early to mid 1990s?  We were all taught that “low fat” is the best way to lose weight and decrease your risk for heart disease, but most of us just wanted to lose a few?  We ate low fat, thought low fat, and avoided anything moderate to high fat.  The Snackwell line was launched, along with other “fat free” junk, and we made it our mission to eat “fat free.” In the process, most of us wound up eating highly refined, sugar packed, overly processed foods in packages.

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Chronic Stress and Your Brain: How to Reverse Negative Effects

What kinds of things stress you out these days?  Bills?  Work?  Family?  We know that chronic stress puts serious wear and tear on our bodies over time, but research is now showing us what chronic stress does to the brain.  This is worth reading because it may explain some of the “brain farts” we all tend to have when feeling stressed out.

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Vitamin Bs, Sleep, Mood

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep?  Are you on antidepressants?  If you’ve ever had trouble with sleep or mood, this is an article you need to read.

Vitamin B is crucial for healthy sleep and mood.  Actually, Vitamin B is a family of vitamins, not just one vitamin.  You pretty much need an optimal balance of the entire family of Vitamin B, but most people don’t get enough of it.   Continue reading “Vitamin Bs, Sleep, Mood” »

Stress, Anxiety, and Health: The Best Technique for Stress Relief

What do you do for stress relief?  How do you “fill your cup” before pouring it back out for everyone else all day?  My personal favorites are running, intense exercise, reading, music, laughing, beach, boating, taking photos, being outdoors, and talking to friends.  The “little things” that bring me big joy are Starbucks lattes, a great song, a nap, or a beautiful blue sky day in the spring or fall.  I may or may not use retail therapy on occasion…..   Continue reading “Stress, Anxiety, and Health: The Best Technique for Stress Relief” »

Moms, Stress, and Health

Do you ever feel better after talking to your mom?  Do you notice that your kids seem to feel better after “unloading” on you?  There is a reason for this, and now we have a name for it:  The Mom Factor.

A recent study showed that simply talking with our moms can have an enormous impact on our chronic stress levels.   Continue reading “Moms, Stress, and Health” »

The Best Way to Quit Smoking

Smoking can be one of the most powerful addictions for some people to kick.  Every time I see *or smell* a smoker, I want to sit them down and have a chat together.  Since I can’t, I’m writing this post. Continue reading “The Best Way to Quit Smoking” »