Coffee and Exercise: How to Use Coffee to Benefit Your Training

Coffee. It’s one of our greatest sources of antioxidants these days. The lighter the roast, the higher the antioxidant level. Even better is the growing body of research suggesting that people who drink coffee have decreased risk for depression and various diseases including Alzheimers, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, and some types of cancers.  In fact, it even looks like more is better when it comes to coffee……unless we happen to be talking about exercise and training.


Coffee can make or break your efforts in the box or at the gym. It can supercharge your training goals, or it can curtail your efforts altogether. The key is in the timing. Continue reading “Coffee and Exercise: How to Use Coffee to Benefit Your Training” »

And We All Ordered A Trenta

Check out this clever Starbucks infographic at  I consider this proof that those baristas are sneaking something more than caffeine in Starbucks coffee.  Sneaky baristas.

(Click the image or here to see full version)

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