A Sweet Exchange

There are some little moments with Savanna that I wish I could stick in my pocket and remember forever.  Here is one of them that I overheard while I was in the kitchen.  Mike and Savanna were sitting around the corner in the den making a little necklace with alphabet letter beads.  Savanna is not yet 4, and here is what I heard:

Husband:  Did you find the C?  Where did it go? Continue reading “A Sweet Exchange” »

Happy Independence

Happy Independence Day weekend! Continue reading “Happy Independence” »

For My Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads this weekend.  I’d also like to wish those of you who have (or have had) a great dad a Happy Father’s Day.  If you read my Mother’s Day post, you may have guessed that my mom must have married a neat guy.  You’d be right!

My dad won the “coolest dad around” award on many occasions.  He’s one of those rare people who actually encompasses the many qualities we’d all like to have:  smart, funny, loyal, honest, successful, committed, interesting, empathic, and cool to boot.  How many people do you know who are all of these things?  Not many, right? Continue reading “For My Dad” »